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  1. So I smoked a boneless butt last night and my electric smoker went haywire or something and ran really hot. What I ended up with after about a 10 hour smoke was a melted door on my smoker and some very well done Pulled Pork. The outside was extra crispy and the inside was a bit dry. I don't particularly care if the bark is a bit overdone (it just adds to the flavor in my opinion) but the pork being dry and having some super crispy almost fried bits of meat is somewhat worrying. This pork is for a party and I'm wondering if there's something I can do to help recover it?

    My thoughts were to add a finishing sauce of ACV, sugar and pepper flake before saucing it properly and throwing it in the serving dish.

    Any other tips to help recover from this?
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    Im torn! I've been there myself and so I feel for you. If it were me, I would consider chucking it and just getting something else for the party. On the other hand, if you really think it can be saved and still be good enough to serve then I would think a finishing sauce, or even just serving it mixed with some BBQ sauce would be the best way to "fix" it.

    The only other concern I had was that you said the "door melted"? I any plastic, rubber or anything melted it is possible that the toxic fumes could have penetrated the meat, and may be hazardous or at least be able to be tasted when eating the meat. That was the main reason I had said if it was me, I would chuck it, but if you don't think that would be a concern with where or how it melted then I would air on the side of trying to save it.

    I've done a butt before that I didn't give enough time, and I had to leave for work, where the party was at, and the meat was cooked though but I would have had to chop it into cubes or slices, and I wasn't willing to serve that even though it would have tasted fine. so I just left it for the wife to take out when done, and grabbed something from the store on the way to work. so for me I guess its a reputation thing I guess.
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