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    Morning Gals and Gents,

    First time poster, long time stalker.  The shadows have been fun but I felt it was time to formalize our relationship.

    Located in the Midwest, northeastern Indiana to be exact.

    Own and operate a Masterbuilt Electric and have a custom build going.

    The electric one was my first purchase; damn apartment complex wouldn't let you have an open flame for a grill/regular smoker, so thus my options were limited.

    The custom build going is a 275 gallon fuel oil tank on a trailer.  Folks decided to raise some hogs this year, and in lieu of renting a cooker we're building one.  Gathered several ideas from photos/threads located here, but felt I'd post a step-by-step as it appears such threads are limited.

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    Hi Dan!


    to SMF!

    Glad to have you aboard!

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