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    ok, so...

    i've been looking into getting a smoker/grill for the sister in-law. the one i've decided on is the brinkmann gourmet charcoal. i was wondering if these mods (to be listed below) will be adequate enough for a decent running unit.

    Intake & Fire basket:
    - increase existing intake to 2-3/8" (for 2" pipe to fit through)
    - use a 2" chase nipple (has the hex head on one end) on inside of the "firebox", 2" 90 on bottom outside, 2" nipple (length determined by body width), then a 2" brass ball valve
    - some sort of basket to stand off the bottom of the factory coal basket

    - on very top, 1-1/8" hole (for 1" pipe to fit through)
    - use a 1" chase nipple on inside of lid, 1" 45, 1" close nipple (those are like 1" to 1-1/2" long), then a 1" brass ball valve
    - some wax impregnated rope to seal lid to body

    i planned on using the door on the body as the entrance for the probes.

    any other suggestions would be appreciated or let me know if this would be suffecient enough.

    thanks in advance.
  2. I would try it with out the exhaust mod first and see if there is enough leakage around the lid for it to work good.

    I have been thinking about the exhaust mod also, but decided to wait untill I see how it works with the other mods befor I do that one. why seal the lid and cut a hole if you don't need to is my theory

    are you raising it up to? I am looking at mine and there isn't much room for a pipe to come out the bottom [​IMG]

  3. soafung

    soafung StickBurners

    oh yea...i forgot to metion that i would be putting on new legs. the issue with letting it leak out of the lid, imho, would be stale smoke and a more consistent draw/performance. don't think i'll/she'll be able to put the lid in the exact same spot everytime.

    i'm gonna learn to run the thing before i give it to her. she has trouble grillin' burger.

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