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  1. So after a few smoked chickens turning out very well and some PP my dad decided I am in charge of ham for Easter.    

    Now of course I have never done a ham and after doing a few searches on here for smoked ham I have come to the conclusion that there is two choices for me.  Either be safe and do a spiral cut that has been cooked already and just glaze and smoke it.  Or go for the long ball and brine my own fresh ham then smoke and glaze it.  The fresh one will take more time which is why Im asking now so I can get the ball rolling. 

    Biggest issue is that I will be serving this for our family Easter at my grandmothers home.  She is very "picky" if you want to put it in a nice way about others cooking.  And knowing her she will make another ham because mine "just will not be that good" well I want to blow her standard ham away


    My question is which way do you guys prefer which has turned out the better ham for you gurus??? I am pretty much split the one would be easier but, the second sounds like fun also.   And just to throw a nice monkey wrench in my plans I live a good hour and a half from where this will be going down so I am going to need to cook/smoke this ahead of time and reheat for the meal.  Once again I am throwing my self at the will of the Q gurus please help me.
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    Ham is one of the most difficult cuts of meat to cure properly and safely.  I would purchase a cured, uncooked ham  check it for saltiness.  Some of them are so darn salty that you need to soak them in water or some type of marinade.  Give them a good rub with maybe a bit of brown sugar in it and let rest overnight.   Toss on a 225 smoker and cook to temp recommended on the package.  It may be anywhere between 145 and 165.   You can always glaze it with something you like as it gets close to finishing up.

    Hope this helps

    Just remember the outside of the ham is going to have a very dark color and the rind and fat will need to be trimmed before serving.  You can use a spiral sliced ham but they are normally precooked so you are just going to warm it on your smoker and it shouldn't take as long.
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    Now Al has it right when he said that a ham is hard to cure. The main thing is getting the cure so so deep into the ham. Now I do know a butcher that does cure their own hams and they tell tell that the secret is injecting the ham all around the bone. Then I would recommend wet curing in a brine/cure mixture. Before I would tell to do it or how to do it I would tell you to wait here alittle longer and catch a couple more smarter guys then me. Maybe Chef JimmyJ or Pop's would be some more good infomation givers. I don't want to take away from Al the man knows his stuff but curing meat is something that really needs to be taken very seriously. You ould really hurt someone and we don't want to see that happen. So Good Luck and don't forget the Q-view.  
  4. I think as of know my best bet is going to be smoking a pre-cooked ham and just got with that for now.  Maybe next holiday I will cure my own but, do not want to mess up on my first one when other people will actually be eating it.  Thanks for the advice guys.
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    These guys gave you all great options...I just did a Ham like AL suggested and it was awesome. SausageBoys idea for a Cottage Ham is a brillant idea if you want to "show your stuff" and make a tasty alternative to a traditional City Ham. If you really are interested in Leg to Ham, this thread by Pops is really detailed and informative but takes some planning and equipment. Good luck...JJ

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    We do cured uncooked hams all the time, they are easy & come out very good. Smithfield has them, and Wally World usually carries them.
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    i am challenged with the same thing, i can get the 1/2 fresh shoulders they look like it would just be a large piece of bbb just bigger so take longer to cure. 
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    I also have to disagree there is nothing hard or difficult with curing and smoking a ham. Look at my last posts I just did one. It's easy as long as you have the time to brine and cure. They do taste better then any ham you'll buy done. Smoking a pre cooked one is fine if thats all you want. But you'll never come close to a home made flavor. Every one I know that does bacon also does ham. Same thing pretty much.
    Check this link out.
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    Myself, I'm like Al... Cured, Uncooked ham... with this concoction... Wife says it's my best dish from the smoker....

    -Maple Bourban Ham

    Maple Bourbon Paste

    2 tbs Pure Maple Syrup
    2 Tbs freshly grated Black Pepper
    2 Tbs Dijon Mustard or Honey Dijon (I use Honey Dijon)
    1 Tbs Bourbon (Jack Daniels)
    1 Tbs Veg Oil
    1 Tbs Parprika
    1 Tbs Onion Powder
    2 Tsp Coarse Salt - Kosher or Sea Salt
    Do the rub the night before

    Maple Bourbon Mop
    1/4 cup Pure Maple Syrup
    1/4 cup Bourbon (Jack Daniels)
    1/4 cup cider vinegar
    3 Tbs Veg Oil
    2 Tsp Dijon Mustard

    I start mopping after about an hour in the smoker. (Just let it drip on, don't actually MOP it or it will wash the paste off)

    Maple Bourbon Glaze
    3/4 cup Pure Maple Syrup
    1/4 cup Bourbon (Jack Daniels)
    3 Tbs Dijon
    2 Tbs Unsalted Butter

    You brush this on the ham during last hour the ham is on the smoker.
    Run smoker temp between 225` and 250`. Took the ham to 160` internal temp

    The last couple ones I've done..... I would pour the mop sauce and the glaze into separate empty water bottles and poke a little hole in the cap and just squirt it on real quick every 20 minutes or so... instead of using the actual mop or the brush themselves... Both the mop and the brush tend to wipe the paste off when you use them...
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    Well not sure what you mean by a. Real bone in. This was half a real bone in real rear leg. Hone in isn't any different. As this ones injected also unlike a butt. I chose bone out so I could slice easily on slicer. Don't understand why any one would think it was hard. Pap was doing these things almost 100 years ago with less then we have. Lol
    Also most choose to take skin off to use for craklings and let cure enter better. As you just Peel and discard any way. I did mine too. Because I like fryer cracklins.
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