One pot...I mean kettle smoked meal for one for less than $5

Discussion in 'Pork' started by teleburst, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. teleburst

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    Well, yesterday I was at Kroger and found this bargain:

    Marked down half price. 1.4 lb of beautiful country style boneless spare ribs.

    Of course, I had to pick it up and rub it:

    I took some palm sugar and rubbed them down. Then added a good coating of my rub. I built a nice medium sized coal bed in the middle of the kettle and when the coals (briquettes and hardwood charcoal) were about ready (took about 15 minutes - I didn't wait until they were totally ashen), I added some dry hickory chips about half as many mesquite chips and I seared both sides of the ribs. After about 5 minutes, I moved them away from the center a little (but still over the coals) and I covered the Weber and walked away. After about 35 minutes, I came back and found that they had goten a really nice dark color and were starting to get a little tender. So I removed the grill with the ribs on them and I moved the coal bed over to the side. I moved the ribs to the opposite edge of the grill and replaced it. I put on some more hickory chips and built a little flame. I then put on a baked potato over the edge of the coal bed but away from the flame.

    Meanwhile, I looked around for a veggie. I had some peaches and some yellow squash so I chopped them up, put about 1/3rd of a small white onion chopped and tossed them in a small aluminum tin. I added a bit of the rub and lots of brown sugar. Then I added a splash of apple juice and a few dollops of apple butter. I sealed it up and put it on the grill right next to the potato and right over the hottest part of the grill. I put the top back on and put the vents directly over the ribs.

    After about 30 minutes, I checked the ribs. They were cooking nicely, so I wrapped them up in foil with some apple juice and apple butter and put them back on. I waited about 30 minutes and I stuck a thermometer right in the middle of the foil into a rib. It read 160, so I checked the potato and veggies and they were ready too.

    This was the result:


    A meal fit for a king <chuckle> In about 2 hours. Even though they look like wet ribs, it's really a dry rib that got a little sauce texture and color from the apple juice and apple butter. They were cooked so that the fat was like jelly but the meat was still just a little firm. When you pulled it apart, it came off in nice chunks instead of shreds. Very tender, and yet still had a little bite to it. And yes, there was a smoke ring (hard to see, but it's there):

    Sorry for the quality of the pics, but I still can't find my DSLR's battery charger. It's hard to get a good close focus with my cell phone camera. Wait til I get kitted up again! I'll have some great pics for ya.

    Great lunch and I'm full.
  2. moltenone

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    looks like a fine lunch to me,thanks for the Qview Teleburst.

  3. dingle

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    Looks great Burst! And that is one heck of a potato!
  4. cowgirl

    cowgirl Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Great looking feast![​IMG]
  5. teleburst

    teleburst Meat Mopper

    Thanks guys. It was tasty indeed. At about $1.40 a lb, I was quite pleased.

    It was fun to sort of wing it as well. I only had look and feel to go on and it was a little unnerving to cook without a blueprint (I really had no idea about timings). I knew I had some wiggle room once they were in the foil because the fire had died down a bit. And they were great right out of the foil without any resting period, probably because they had probably been essentially resting for a little while.

    I'll have to cook these things more often. Even at the full price, they would be really good.

    I like this smoking/grilling thing <g>.
  6. ronp

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    Nice find and finish. Good job!

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