one more try at spares before I give them up!!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by lennyluminum, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. hey every one I am doing 2 racks of spares only cause they were on sale and I'm broke. I don't really like spare ribs cause they tend to be real fatty and tough. I trimmed them down to st. Louis and trimmed off a lot of the extra fat. Now the last time I smoked spares was before I found all of you great people here on this great site. So I really hope they turn out better than the last few tries.

    I plan on doing the 3-2-1 and I have all the trimmings in the smoker as well. I have the tem at about 230* and the membrain is pulled off the ribs. Is there any thing I'm missin?? what should I be doing with the trimmings??
  2. mikey

    mikey Smoking Fanatic

    The trimmings you could put in some beans if you're planning on em. Other wise you can put them on the smoker also and snack on em when they're done. I've been doing my spares with the 3-2-0 or the 4-2-0 (had temp issues) on the Bandera. After popping the foil lid off the foil pan, I just let them rest for a bit. Works for me.
  3. I would use the 2-2-1 method, or even a 2-2-1/2 method. I've had good luck with the shorter times. Did you rub the ribs before putting them on the smoker?
  4. gnubee

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    You're doing everything right so far. Instead of going strictly 3-2-1
    for the 3 part of the equation I watch for about 1/4 inch or so of pullback on the ribs. When that occurs I foil for 2 hours then on the smoke again for about 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour . I have never had anything but success doing that method.

    As for the trimmings I usually just huck them out.
  5. yes I did rub them with some store bought stuff
  6. herkysprings

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    Depending on how tender and fall apart you like your ribs, you may want to reduce the time in foil.

    I did 3-2-1 last time exactly (first time) and I found that the ribs fell apart after the foil. However I ahve them in 1/2 rack cuts to fit on my rib rack.

    Next time I'd probably go for 4-1-1/2, spraying during the 4 hour time. After th efoil they are pretty much done, they just need to firm up.
  7. dutch

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    I agree with Mikey, I use the smoke up the trimming for my Wicked Baked Beans and on the rare times that my beans aren't on the menu, I'll smoke 'em and snack on em. Or I'll freeze the trimmings until I have enough to make a 5 or 10 pound batch of country sausage.
  8. dingle

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    Dont give up on 'em lenny! You do some variation of the 3-2-1 and I'm certain you will enjoy these ribs.
  9. mballi3011

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    sounds like your getting all the help you need. Use the 3-2-1 meathod and change to your like after that. Good Luck.
  10. scpatterson

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    I agree with Dutch 100%.....Sometimes I end up eating them as a test run but they usually end up in my beans or the freezer for my next beans....Stick with it and use the info givin by everyone...Good Luck
  11. rickw

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    I love the smoked ends in a pot of beans.
  12. werdwolf

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    Keep on going, you should be able to turn out great ribs.
    May take a few tries though. Your getting good advice, be persistent.
  13. thanks guys I think they are doing ok I put them on at about 2:00 at 5:00 I pulled them out and foiled them. I cut the 2 racks in half so 3 out of the 4 half racks had some good pull back on them. They have been in the foil now for about an hour I'll keep you up dated when I pull the out of the foil.
  14. tasunkawitko

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    lenny - it looks like you're doing pretty good and i think you will like those spare ribs - keep in mind that they are a bit fatty, but when it renders off you've got some incredible, tender goodness!
  15. billbo

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    Sounds like your doing great! Those babies are gonna be sweet!
  16. adb551

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    I can't improve on anything that has already been said.

    I use the 3-2-1, but I keep it around 210-220.

    And I also smoke the trimmings and use them in beans. Unless I eat them before they make it to the bean pot.

    Don't give up. Have fun with it. Spares are alot of fun and much less expensive than BB's.
  17. shooterrick

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    If ya want em fallin off the bone skip the 1 unfoiled and if the meat has pulled up the bone 1/4 inch they will be done. If the meat has not pulled up the bone 1/4 inch keep em wrapped and check every 15-20 minutes until it does. The 1 of the 3-2-1 will firm them up alot. I usually only do about 15 minutes after the meat has pulled up the bone and have never gone the full 1hr. If you do the total time after the wrap in foil they will fall apart.
  18. pops6927

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    I don't trim or pull a thing off a rack of spares - I eat every tiny single bit of all of them, from cleaning the rib bones clean (including tearing that membrane off and eating it right down) to picking the individual ligaments in the brisket clean of meat, fat, trimmings - e v e r y t h i n g! Don't waste a micro-ounce of any of it; if I could soften the bones up I'd eat them too, but for the meantime leave that job to PJ - there's not a part on 'em she wouldn't eat either, including the bones, lol!
    Afraid it's from being brought up in a meat store with a Dad that wouldn't let you get up from the table until every scrap was eaten, or you'd get "... y'know in the war there were thousands of orphans that would kill someone just to knaw on that bone you don't want to finish eating..." or some such guilt trip! Plus, with 5 of us, one rack of spares you had to fight to get your share, and you sure didn't want to not eat any part of it!
  19. teacup13

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  20. gnubee

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    Pops we must be from the same generation. The lecture We always got if we didn't clean the plate......... You Kids eat every last pea on your plate. The starving kids in Korea would love to have even a tiny bit of what you are throwing away.

    When I trim a rack of ribs the only thing I take off of it is that membrane and I only do that because Her lovelyness makes me do that. I huck that out. I leave the fat on cause its tasty as all get out.

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