Old Tilia FoodSaver Questions???

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  1. tjohnson

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    I Won an Old Tilia FoodSaver on EBAy for $42

    It's the one Made In Italy, and seems to be in good condition.

    I have a couple other Vac Sealers, but they do a terrible job on wet stuff


    I have a couple questions???

    The vacuum pump draws hard, but it takes forever to evacuate the air from a bag.  My $5 Garage Sale Find will crush a pop can, and complete the cycle in about 15 seconds, and the Old Tilia FoodSaver takes about a full minute to accomplish the same task.

    How fast/slow are these older Tilia FoodSaver Vac Sealers?

    Could it be as simple as replacing the foam seals?

    I ran water thru it and even a little silicone(Armoral) spray per the manufacturer's instructions and the time to vac did not change.  It's still very slow.

    Also, water leaked out the bottom plug, when I ran water thru it.

    Is this normal, or do I need to replace the bottom plug seal?

    Here's a link to the manufacturer's Site: http://web.iwebcenters.com/professionalmarketing/Nozzel.ivnu

    Anyone have an instruction manual for these Italian Made Vac Sealers?


  2. chefrob

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    todd.......try Ray over @ .........................
  3. daveomak

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    Todd, morning... I have the same unit.... Sometimes mine is slow also.... Usually the problem is the bag is creased where the foam "clamp" is compressing the end of the bag... Other times I think I slid the bag too far up on the nozzle and it won't evacuate properly... Yesterday nothing worked... Mineral oil, a couple drops in the nozzle, some water to flush the pump,   then "junk" blew out the exhaust thru the bottom of the unit... that is normal... and it worked great... I keep a folded up paper towel under the exhaust port to catch liquids that may get expelled.... There may be some "stuff" in one of the flapper valves on the pump.... Warm/hot tap water run thru may wash out the encrusted material and all will be fine.... I put hot tap water in a cup and using the hose connected to the "container" side of the unit... intermittently "suck" up about 1/2 ml every second or two to warm/dissolve anything in the pump assembly.... try to keep the water at a minimum as to not "hydraulic" the pump and strain the motor too much... 

    I've had mine since 1985 or so and keep wondering when it is going to fail.... It has been a very good investment to date... knock on wood etc... Dave
  4. tjohnson

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    Thanks Guys!

    I took off the nozzle, and put my thumb over the vac port

    Damn near sucked the skin right off!

    I took a good look at the foam upper and lower pads

    Both pads have indentations from the nozzle on them, and feel a little hard, compared to my newer model.

    My guess is I'm losing vacuum due to the foam not sealing well.

    Any other ideas?

  5. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Pop the bottom off and see if anything is cracked or what ever..... Check to see if there is a replacement rubber.....
  6. careyp

    careyp Newbie

    I have an Old Tilia Foodsaver unit. Any Ideas about where to get a manual. Not sure how to operate it!
  7. Sent you a PM.  [​IMG]
  8. I too am looking for a link to the original Italian Commercial version of Foodsaver by Tilia.  Any links would be greatly appreciated.
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    When you get a chance can you swing by Roll Call & introduce yourself? We would like to meet you  [​IMG]

  10. jagacal

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    I'm also VERY interested in the manual for the FoodSaver by Tilia.  I was giving my mom's kitchen a thorough cleaning and came across the gadget along with a box full of brand new FoodSaver bags...all sealed up.  I'd like to give the machine a try. 

    I'm sorry to invade the 'smoking' world with this but I can't seem to find any other place for help [​IMG]
  11. s2k9k

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    Hopefully someone will be along soon to help you out, you might want to send Smoking B a PM, looks like he has a copy of the manual.
    I see this is your first post here so when you get a minute would you swing by "Roll Call" and introduce yourself so we can give you a proper SMF Welcome, Thanks!
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  13. txbelle

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    I also have this model, just got it cheap and have no idea how it works other than what I can gather from this forum and the link to "Nozzel".  The vacuum works, meaning it definitely has suction but what is happening is the bag seals before the air suctions out.  Shouldn't it suction and then seal?  There is no on/off switch and no switch to change from vacuum to seal.  Help!!!
  14. daveomak

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    You are pushing the bar down too far.....   Push it part way and the vacuum runs...  push all the way down on the left end and it seals the bag...  

  15. dward51

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    We bought one of the old/original models "back in the day".  It looks just like the one Todd posted a photo of (the big one in the bottom of the photo at the top of this thread). I still have it and finally had a similar issue with it taking forever to vacuum out the air.  I found the problem was the seal around the knob/valve where you select the bag sealer and the jar sealer port.  Seems that seal gets dry and starts to leak air as the vacuum is applied to the bag side of the system.  This slows the process down and you never get as strong as vacuum as you used to get.  If my memory serves correct it's an o-ring seal but I'm not positive.  Try some food safe grease on the seal and see if that helps.  Plan "B" would be to replace the seal.

    The old style Tilla units used a dual piston pump and were supposed to draw a stronger vacuum than the current models.  We are now using one of the more recent counter top models I picked up at Sam's Club.  I have the old one somewhere in the basement though and might still have the original manual.

    Depending on what model you have, Marbeck does have some parts, seals and other accessories available.


    If you are looking for new bags for a foodsaver, check out this forum thread.  Vacuum Sealers Unlimited are a SMF site sponsor and they have a discount code for site members.  Here is the most recent code thread.  They are also a great vendor to do business with and Lisa B is a regular at SMF forums.


    *** TIP ***

    Make sure the bag is laying flat across the heat strip.  If it has any wrinkles or folds in it, that makes the bag thicker in the area of the wrinkle and it may not properly make a complete seal. If it's not sealed then the air will leak back in.  This would apply to both the new and original style sealers.
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  16. mykleshane

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    Yeah, I'm looking for the manual for the old Foodsaver too. Not much available on the web; any help would be greatly appreciated!


  17. Sent you a PM  [​IMG]
  18. daveomak

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    I copied my old manual and it is on this forum somewhere....   I'm still lookin'....  Dave

    Found it.  Don't know why it is so small.... maybe you can copy and enlarge it.....    Dave

    Found the original...  It will enlarge......

              ... click to enlarge ....

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  19. mykleshane

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    Thanks Dave!
  20. txbelle

    txbelle Newbie

    Thanks to everyone on here for your help!  What a great bunch of people!

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