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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by don napurski, May 24, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, I'm Don, I live in Minnesota. I have been smoking and grilling for 25 years. Started with the Brinkman chepo R2D2 smoker and extra regular grill. They worked real well. I updated to the brinkman pit master, with the fire box on the side. I didnt have much luck with that. After reading about mods and other thing's I now see why. Where would I buy Lump Charcoal? I think I have an idea about the water pan placement near the fire box to use for a baffel. Do I put it on the cooking grate or hang it just under the cooking grate?
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    First of all ... Welcome to SMF! You will find answers to your questions, just hang in there.... some one will have specific info for you.
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    welcome to SMF...
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    Don -

    Lowes sells lump here in the summer.
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    Wally World and Home Depot sell it also.
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    You will have much better results in my opinion if you can get it under the grate where it is right in front of the entryway.. where the heat enters the smoke chamber.
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    Don, glad to have you with us here at SMF.

    Enjoy the site!
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    Welcome Don! Glad you made it.
  9. Don-

    Welcome to the site. So much information here it's crazy. I've only smoked a handful of times this spring so far and feel like a champ. My ribs are really coming along and the chicken and roasts are awesome thanks to the help I get here. I may still be a grasshopper, but I'd have failed and/or given up by now if it weren't for the folks on this site.

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    Welcome to SMF Don. Enjoy your stay!
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    welcome don to SMF.. thats where i put mine right at the entrance and it's steamin in no time
  12. Everything you wanna know is on this forum[​IMG] my smoking has improved a whole bunch since i've been checking in here. Come back often.[​IMG]
  13. Thanks guys.

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