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  1. Just finished watching an episode of "Alaska, the last frontier" and had to share with my fellow smokers-  One of the families hauled in a huge catch of Salmon, so, what to do?   The Ol' smokehouse of course!   Turns out the crate they built the smokehouse out of was used to transport his mothers remains!!!   Now that's recycling!!
  2. woodcutter

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    Did you notice his wife was explaining about being a vegetarian and how she could eat salmon because they are about to die. Then........... Otto tells her where the box came from. That show is great!
  3. jckdanls 07

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    did you notice they were using green alder and the white billowing smoke...
  4. They did peel the Alder first. The outside layer is where most of the moisture is. Great show. Those people are way tougher than a city boy like me could ever understand. What the heck does a vegetarian in Alaska find to eat?
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  5. Yeah, not sure I could spend a long winter cooped up with a Vegetarian (Especially in Alaska)!
  6. roller

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    I would not care if she ate meat or not....
  7. that's my favorite show
  8. woodcutter

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    I did notice the white smoke. I guess they may not use the internet up there certainly not looking at SMF.
  9. woodcutter

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    It was just laid out kind of funny on the show how she was just barely able to eat salmon and immediately after her husband tells her the smoker is the left over crate that his mothers remains were sent to Alaska in.
  10. I love that show...one of the wife is veg. but she does eat salmon. the other show i love is "Buying Alaska"
  11. I know one thing , after a couple months of living on Salmon (although I do dearly love it) I'd be on a plane for Anchorage for a Prime........
  12. salmon is not the only thing they eat.They also eat bear,deer,moose and Otto raises cattle
  13. About moose (or is it mooses or meese), I talked to a man that spent a lot of time in Alaska, and he told me a story about a tourist going through one of the parks there driving a VW Bug. Driving down the road they came across a bull moose blocking the road. They drove up close the the animal and still it did not move, so they started honking the horn at it.He said that moose stomped the car until the highest part of it was the engine.   That's one badass animal.
  14. woodcutter

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    I worked for a truck leasing company for years and every now then a moose will charge a semi after the horn is trumpeted at them.

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