Okay, my first fattie!!

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  1. Okay here it is, my wife and I did our first fattie today. Hopefully these pics will show up. We used Sausage (of course), green peppers, swiss cheese, onions and mushrooms.


    My Wife Alexie's first bacon weave.


    Now the (mild) sausage


    Now some Swiss cheese


    Mushrooms, onions, and green peppers slightly sauteed


    And here is the rolled fattie. This is my wife's first roll.

    Will send pics of the results when it is done in about 2.5 hrs
  2. Okay here are the results of my wife and I with our smoked fattie and bacon and blue burgers


    Blue burgers before the smoker


    Burgers and Fattie in the smoker


    The Burgers are done


    The Fattie [​IMG]


    Loaded bacon and blue burger


    Cut into the Fattie.

    Let me tell you our family enjoyed both the Bacon and blue burgers and the fattie. I really do appreciate all the postings here to help me

    figure out what to cook. It was a very good evening of food. Thanks to all of you on here.
  3. porked

    porked Smoking Fanatic

    Looks good! Nice comfort food for sure.
  4. terry colwell

    terry colwell Smoking Fanatic

    Man that smoker looks BRAND new,, was it even seasoned??? lol  
  5. Yep, seasoned it first thing, then did some ribs on it the first night. But as always, I clean everything. [​IMG]
  6. That seems a bit like washing a cast iron pan with soap and water: you need to re-season it every time you use it. Leaving a smoker smoky isn't a bad thing as far as I know. Stuff sure looks good! Love those blue cheese burgers! Working on my first Fatty now; made yesterday and will cook today. That IS a beautiful smoker!
  7. Yeah I get what ya mean by "cleaning a cast iron skillet with soap & water". Guess I really wasn't thinking. I just hate something that looks that pretty to get all that smoke on it so quick. [​IMG]

    I am just cleaning the racks and the drip pan now. Oh yeah and sometimes the window.
  8. eman

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    when my window gets to where i can't see thru it i'll take a razor scraper to it. Clean the racks after every cook and empty the drip pan.

    The screws could probably rust out and the stuff on the walls would hold it together.

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