Ok, Ok! More Redneck Jokes

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    You might be a Redneck if .............................

    04/01 anyone yelled"been there, done that" as you walked down the aisle
    04/02 you've broken your nose while picking it
    04/03 you missed your prom because you heard the catfish were biting
    04/04-05 you've made the cover of National Enquirer more than once
    04/06 you receive mail at your deer stand
    04/07 the air vents in your trailer are actually bullet holes
    04/08 you've done doughnuts during a test-drive
    04/09 you think Old Yeller is the name of your grandfather's tooth
    04/10 your children trip over Christmas lights hunting for Easter eggs
    04/11-12 your idea of an egg hunt involves a shotgun
    04/13 you've thrown your back out while breaking wind
    04/14 you can see six abandoned vehicles from your kitchen window
    04/15 you can go to the bathroom, check on the kids, and make a sandwich during the caution lap
    04/16 you keep an ashtray in the shower
    04/17 you can recite the liquor laws of all fifty states
    04/18-19 your wedding reception doubles as a easting contest
    04/20 you think "paprika" is a Third World country
    04/21 no two items match in your patio set
    04/22 your grandma's walker used to be a folding chair
    04/23 you've ever framed a picture of a pig
    04/24 you own a denim thong
    04/25-26 you've propositioned a juror from the witness stand
    04/27 you've shouted "go grandma!" at a wet T-Shirt contest
    04/28 most of the socks you own allow you to cut your toenails while wearing them
    04/29 every time you walk into a convenience store the staff put their hands up
    04/30 there's high-stakes poker at your baby shower

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