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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by steve nellett, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. After doing some research here, I found a couple things I can't seem to find an answer to. 

    First off, I have the el cheapo electric brinkman smoker.  I have seen several references to the Amazen smoke generators here in various threads, but I'm not sure if one would work in my smoker.  I can't imagine setting it directly on the heating element or on a few lava rocks is a good idea.  What have others done in this situation?

    Secondly, in reading about the smoke generators, I saw a few mentions to filling them with sea salt.  What is the purpose behind this?  I can't imagine the salt takes on any smoke flavor, does it?
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    I'm not real familiar with your smoker, but if you have 2 racks then the AMNPS would go on the bottom rack above the water pan. Never heard of putting salt in a smoke generator.
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    People smoke salt all the time.  They say it adds a great flavor.

    Don't forget you fill the Am smoker with saw dust or pellets and light them.  So they will be placed beneath what ever you are trying to smoke 
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  5. Fantastic!  Thanks for the info! 

    In the mean time, until I get my hands on one of these AMNPS units, if I put plain wood chips on the rack above my water bowl, will that get hot enough to generate some decent smoke, or should I leave the water bowl out to do this with a cheapo smoker box?
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    Steve, morning... Pictures of the inside of your smoker would help here.... The wood chips, sawdust, pellets etc. should go in a container on the heating element.... start out with 1/4 cup wood chips... see what happens.... I do not use water in my smoker... so I guess it is a personal choice... here you can see the smoke gen next to the element.... It gets lit separately using a torch and not the heat from the element..... Same principle as the Amazn from Todd...



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  7. Thanks Dave!  I think that answers my question!


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