Oh my what shall i do with these baby's there huge

Discussion in 'Pork' started by flintrock, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. It's going to be a great smoke I can't hardly wait!!!
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  2. b-one

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    Canadian bacon
  3. rabbithutch

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    I'm with b-one but be advised that you really need a slicer to get the best result. Of course, if you got a friend with a slicer, just make extra for him or her and you should be golden.

    I don't have a slicer and thought my knives and knife skills were up to the task but I could not get slices thin enough and uniform enough for the resulting bacon to be edible. They were too tough, but that might have had to do with my technique in salting the loin beforehand.
  4. makeitrain

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    Looks like pork loin. I bought one today from Costco and made this:

  5. smokinal

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    Pork loin is one of my favorite cuts. It can be used in so many ways.

    I usually cut the loin into 4 pieces & do something different with each one.

  6. Looking good been wanting to do one like that but bacon wrapping is a art I'd mess up
  7. makeitrain

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    This was the first time i made pork loin smoked. I seasoned it really well the night before using my own rub that i use in all my pork dishes. Then i wrapped ir in bacon and let it lay overnight in the fridge. Put it on mlthe grill at 240 degrees.m until it hit 145. Wrapped it in foil and rested it for 25 minutes. WOW! you wanna talk abiut good. 7 of us feated on it. Juicy. Light smoked flavor. Amazing. Served it with olive oil and chive mashed potatoes and homemade caraway slaw.

    Hope yours your out well!
  8. I cut it up in slices then put it in some apple juice and now it been marinating in (three little pigs bbq rub) for about 3hours and I'm using apple wood and cherry hope it comes out good shouldn't take to long
  9. on the grill

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