Offset Brick Smoker/BBQ pit Next To Pizza Oven.

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  1. I'm just starting a project to tie in a smoker BBQ to the pizza oven. I want it to be an offset smoker but also a Bar-B-Que pit. The main structure using concrete blocks with the cooking chamber lined with refractory bricks. Have a few left over from the oven build. I was thinking of making the pit floor curved rather that flat like the inside of my oven. This would seam to focus the heat better toward the cooking surface. Biggest thing will be trying to figure out the clean outs. Well that and how to do the lid. For the lid I was considering curved steel plate. The whole thing will be under an extended roof line from the pizza oven roof. (Too much rain here in Washington state, need to keep things dry).

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    That is outside of my skill level but I am interested to see what you come up with. If it is close to the quality of your pizza oven build it should be amazing. 
  3. I don't think you're going to gain much by making a curved floor; it's going to take a lot more time and won't add much value.  The heat is going to dissipate to the entire chamber rather quickly, so if the lower rack is more than 18", you won't gain much.  Your ashes will build up more quickly and smother the coals underneath - you would get a more even burn spreading them out.  Also, think of the juices, drippings, water spillage - will it collect directly on your coals?  You should think about that.  My opinion.  The curved lid made out of well casing is a good idea and would work great.
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  4. Very good point on the curved floor. Most BBQ s and cylinder style smokers have drains at the bottom which would not work with the brick.
  5. After more research, when the pit is being used as a BBQ the coals/wood will be on a raised rack. This rack will also support a plate when turned into a smoker for a reverse flow smoker. Now having curved brick bottom will make more sense as it will move overburden to the middle where an inlaid steel trough will allow easier clean out.... More planning needed.
  6. Change of plans, Flat floor and primarily a bar b que with a smoker box on the side. Good job I didn't cement the cinder block yet ;)
  7. Check out this video if you haven't seen it. He does a pretty nice wood oven smoker combination and it is a very detailed video.
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  8. Well on the way for the smoker that is now also a Santa Maria BBQ. When smoking the two large lids are closed. When used as a BBQ the meat rack can be raised and lowered with the Santa Maria mechanism. Need to modify where the chain attaches too, It connects to the center and this can cause the meats to be off balance and could possibly dump the whole lot in the coals.

    The mechanism is a timing chain for a 350 Chevy truck, the wheel from an antique Singer sewing machine ;)[​IMG]
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    If you need ideas for your grill google images " Argentine parrilla"    Where the lifting chain attaches should be offset from directly above the lifting point on the parrilla.  That way as you raise it the chain has room to wrap around the main bar and does not bunch up.    

    We make about a parrilla a week in the shop for clients, so know a thing or 2 about this.
  10. This weekend I extended the roof of the Pizza wood fired oven to include a right angle over the Smoker/BBG. Have to finish the ridge caps and then install some kind of chimney over the smoker.


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