Off-set at last, post restoration, rolled a fatty for the first fire

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by purdueboo, Sep 9, 2015.

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    After 48 hours to let the paint cure, I was dying to get my first test fire of my new rig! I didn't have much time, so I grabbed some kielbasa and rolled a fatty. I loaded my starter with natural charcoal and placed 5 potato sized chunks of western Hickory on top of the coals after they got white hot!

    The chamber got up to temp quickly and held consistently at 275 with minimal adjustments. Overall I was very happy to see this thing come back to life. The unit seems nice and tight with minimal leakage. I'll give it a longer burn to decide if seals are needed.

    Next I need to raise the grate in the fire box and work on some baffles. Keep the ideas coming!

    Here are some pics of my first burn! Ground beef, onions, peppers, jack cheese with habernaro and jalapeño, Emeril's Bam Burger seasoning and low sodium bacon wrap (watching the salt, LOL)! 2.5 hrs, 140-160 internal temp.

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    Great refurb!

    I see you caught the TBS in the pic. Thumbs Up

    That fatty makes me hungry!!:sausage:

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