Oak Cubes from Wine Aging

Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by micker, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. micker

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    So a good friend of mine owns a winery. We were discussing smoking recently and he mentioned that he has a box of Oak Cubes that were used to Oak age a mead. In a nutshell, they soaked in a bourbon barrel filled with honey wine for a few months. They have been dried and have been sitting in a box in the winery for a few months.

    He's going to bring some by this weekend for a canadian bacon smoke we're doing.

    So, do you think its going to be overkill to smoke the whole batch of bacon with these or blend it with some fruitwood?
  2. earache_my_eye

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    I'd probably smoke some of the wood by itself before adding meat....not sure what that "honey wine" will do in a smoker. Just so you don't wind up with a "burnt honey/sugar" taste on your smoke.....I don't know that that would happen for certain, but, a chunk or two of wood and some charcoal is much cheaper than lbs. of bacon.....[​IMG]

  3. darrin

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    I'd smoke a few chicken leg quarters with it first to see what it tastes like.
  4. micker

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    Good call. I'll see what I can test it with and report back...
  5. micker

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    The mead aged oak cubes were a success. Here they are before they went into the smoke


    We used about a pound of them today on the canadian bacon

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