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  1. So my father in law wants me to smoke two Briskets. That is fine no worries only problem is I have to do it the day before and I am not sure how to store it and still give it that just got done smoking taste and juceiness to it. Should I just plastic it and foil it as a whole and throw it in the fridge? Should I cut it up and just reheat it the next day at their house? If I do cut it up should I add some juice to it? Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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    How late can you take it off the smoker and how early can you serve it?  If you take it of late in the evening I would just put it in the ice chest, wrapped in towels and let it go until tomorrow. 

    You have a lot of options depending on when you plan to eat and how late you can cook.  If you plan on having it done early the day before I would wrap it in foil with liquid, place in the fridge and into a slow oven for a couple of hours when you get there.  You can still separate the point, cut it up and put in a hot oven to crisp them up a bit.

    I think that if you do a good job smoking the brisket it will taste great no matter when or how you serve it. 

    Good luck,  let us know what you decide to do and how it works out for you.

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  5. X4
  6. Well I will be done smoking it around 10pm Saturday night and will be eating around 12pm Sunday. Think it is safe to leave in a cooler that long? also appreciate the responses.
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    Last one I did I took it off around 7pm or so cant remember sliced it up and cubed the point and put it back in the pan with the juice and in the fridge for the night got out of church started the smoker back up and reheated and did the burnt ends it was great..  So the oven reheat will work fine if you cant hold it in the cooler that long!
  8. I've had no trouble at all reheating a whole brisket slowly.

    I had one finish up almost 14 hours before I figured it would be (18LB whole packer) so I rested it, chilled it down, and wrapped it for storage in the fridge. The next day, I reheated it in a roasting pan with a couple Newcastles and whatever drippings I could manage. I think I set the oven to 300, tented the pan with foil, and put the probe back in after 4 hours. By then it was back up to 145, so I let it creep along until 165 (Proper reheating temp for meats), then rested it and sliced it. It turned out comparable to any other brisket I've done the day of service, just a little softer.

    My rule of thumb: water is that guy who brings nothing to the potluck. If you have to reheat with liquid, water must be your last resource!
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    That time frame is about when I would say no.  14 hours in a cooler may be too long, may not be too long.  I'm afraid it's your call.  If you are shooting for 10 pm chances are you won't be finished at that time.  Finished a couple of hours early, wrap cool and reheat.  Finish a couple of hours later, wrap, lay in ice chest and serve.

    I normally have no concerns with 10 hrs in a cooler and usually have concerns with anything more then 12 hrs in the cooler. 
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    alblancher is right, It depends on when it's done as to what your options will be.

    Good luck and let us know how it works out. [​IMG]
  11. Again really appreciate all the responses. New issue my father law is now having 30 people come to this gathering so I had to buy a bigger brisket. Bad part it is to big to fit in the smoker in one piece. I am going to have to cut it in two and I am now really worried the juices are just going to flow out when I start cooking. Any thoughts on what I should do for this?
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    should be fine I'v seen others do that
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    Does separating the point and flat allow the meat to fit the smoker?  Many of us handle those two pieces of the brisket differently.  So when cutting the brisket you have to deal with the different thickness of the meat cooking at different rates but you also have to deal whith the point and flat cooking at different rates.  Just allow a good deal more time.

    30 people, you doing about 15lbs of brisket?

    What kind of smoker do you have?
  14. Wow your good yes 15lb and it is an electric smoker Masterbuilt 5 rack. I did not even think about cutting the point and see if it will fit.
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    There are a bunch of watt burners on the forum so maybe somebody can give you better advice then I can.  If you can separate the point and flat I would do it and just treat them as two different cuts of meat.

    Good luck,  let us know what you decide to do?

  16. Yup your way worked thanks!
  17. Well ended up smoking it at 5pm till around 11pm. Then put it in foil till and threw it in the oven until 8am, covered them in 2 blankets each and in to the cooler until 12pm. Cut and served everyone loved it forgot to take pics though : /. Thanks again for everyone's advice!
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    Anytime everybody is happy you have been successful
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      Toasterdood, Brisket does good when wrapped in foil and in the fridge until day of event. Take it out in the morning put in a 150*f oven until ready to go(should have 2-3 hrs. at least to be hot enough); I wouldn't cut untilm the time to eat(a quick slicing is all it needs),and the Burnt Ends can go in a Crock-pot and everyone is happy.

      I've done it this way many times and the Kudo's are always there.Plan ahead for something is gonna be left.Make a list and check it often...

      Hope this helps and...
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    I just wanted to add for safety purposes....A "Cooler" is a double layered plastic or insulated metal box...Not the cheap-o Styrofoam $2.00 Walmart Special. I think 12 hours is as long as I would store hot, wrapped meat, but it would not hurt to stick a probe thermometer in to monitor the temp for that long a hold...JJ

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