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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by daq, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. daq

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    I am relatively new to smoking. I have experience with a friends propane Smokey Mt smoker and an old Brinkman charcoal. Jeff's newsletter and recipes are great and very helpful.
    I would like to convert an old upright freezer to a smoker. I have looked at the Smoke Gun, Bradley and the Smoke Daddy Cold Smoker. Anyone use these?
    What is the max temp. you can smoke at in a refrigator/freezer? Can you hot smoke at 250? I would like to cold and hot smoke in this smoker. What are the best heat sources and temp. controllers? Thanks!
  2. richtee

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    You most likely have plastic interior walls in that, and insulation inside. You'd need to gut it and make a metal interior for hot smoking, and even for cold, you have an issue with the insulation getting wet from being outside.

    That's a bit of a project. I have not used any of the units for smoke generation, sorry.
  3. I used to use old kitchen stoves.
    There is no temp regulation but great for cold smoking and its free.
    Twice a year is bulk garbage day where people can toss out stuff like fridges and stoves.
    I would cut the cable off of one of the elements (which is normally 240 volts) then splice it to an old extension cord and plug it in. (110 volts)
    Drill 1" holes in the bottom of the stove between the bottom tray and the oven.
    Put the element (and the steel circle part below the element) in the bottom tray with a tin bowl or whatever with the wood chips in it.
    It would heat up just enough to smoke the wood.
    I had good success with jerky and fish.

    Just a thought for the day!!!
  4. jerrys2

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    I have both the Bradley and the pistol - - the Bradley is the better for your base and I use the pistol as a back up and helper.. hope this helps - - leave the frige in the dump where you found it - - you'll be a lot happier.......
  5. travcoman45

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    If you are wanting to build a fridge smoker, don't use anything new, all the plastic is an issue, get ahold of your local applieance dealer and ask him about an old unit one with an enamel covered metal interior. They work great for smokers. Building one myself, for a smoke generator I am using a seperate "smoke box" doesn't have to be anything fancy, this contains a heating element that the chip pan sets on. The smoke box is connected to the smoker via 4 inch pipe, the longer the run the better to keep your smoke cool.

    Fridge smokers can be very nice units, had one before that was all stainless with hot and cold smoke thermostats and timers to give complete control over the unit, it can be as complicated or as simple as you like. Fun project if your handy with that sort of thing. Good luck.
  6. kookie

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    Welcome to the site............Post some pics of your freezer, that might help us answer your questions............

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