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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by rattlin_ram, May 14, 2012.

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    I made a comment to my grandpa one day if he ever wanted to get rid of his home made grill I would take if off his hands.  So after I did some work on his lawn mowers this spring, he told me to  take it as he doesn't use it anymore.  He is 92 and getting pretty hard to get around.  I always just found it an interesting grill.  Nothing fancy, but more I just always have found it interesting ever since I was a little kid.

    Anyway not sure if I should leave it as a grill or put a small firebox on it and use it as a smoker.  It is not as big as my Char Griller Smokin Pro.  But the steel it is made out of is HEAVY.  It weighs at least twice what my CGSP weighs. It would have to be sealed up a bit for smoking.  But it would make a nice horizontal smoker I think.  

    Anyone have any thoughts?

    Pics below:



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    With the bottom half flap on it, looks like it'd be a cinch to add a sidebox to it.

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