Not So Fatty

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  1. Wife doesn't like the term fatty so I'm calling this slimmed down fatty a smokey rollup. Seasoned 2# ground round with some pork breakfast sausage seasonings from a recipe I found on one of the forums. Cut down the salt by half and subbed the brown sugar with sugar free. Added a couple of egg whites to help bind together. Sautéed some cabbage, spinach & mushrooms in a non-stick pan then let it cool. Rolled out the seasoned meat, spread out the veggies & topped with some low fat shredded cheddar. Wrapped and refrigerated overnight. Very lite sprinkle of the fake brown sugar on top & smoked with Hickory & Pecan to an IT of 165*. Forgot to take the QView, but it turned out great. Nice appearance and great flavor. I will definitely do this one again.
  2. Very exciting!

    I had never even heard the term "fatty" (but for some people referring to obese individuals, which I did not think was kind, even though I am thankfully not obese), but still; it is amazing what we find on this site!

    It's so fabulous seeing what everyone eats, loves, shares, and so forth!

    And I'm delighted that some other "healthful" eaters exist too; and it's all just so fun! I'm grateful to be here and enjoyed your post!

    Cheers! - Leah (Come join our fun wine group as well).

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