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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by jswatson0917, Apr 19, 2014.

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    I have had a Smoke Hollow 30167E smoker for a few years now but only used it twice each time with very little success. The first time I tried smoking a duck and ended up turning it into jerky second time I tried to use it I couldn't even get the chips to smoke. I am starting to think about putting it on CL and buying a different one.

    Stupid auto correct the Title should be Noob not Noon
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    First off, welcome ! I do think there's some Smoke Hollow owners on here that will be able to help ya out ! Ya know, til then ya can always use the search bar to get some answers ! Again, welcome and enjoy !
  3. Welcome from Maryland. The people on here will be able to walk you through your tough time with your smoker. Don't give up until they respond. I have no knowledge of that type , but others do.
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    I have found a few things about this smoker. It was one of the reasons I joined. The other was I really would like to get some more use out of it and really play around with smoking. Plus I read a bunch of good stuff here so I joined

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