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  1. Ok, I have never made jerky in my life. I enjoy jerky on occassion but my brothers love the stuff.  I would like to start making some as gifts for them.  I have a few lean beef roasts I could cut up and use.  I also have some venison cube steak and sausage.  I have read some people make jerky out of ground hamburger that is pattied into strips???  How does that stay together?  I would think it would just fall apart.  How long do you marinade the meat?  Do you cook it to a certain internal temp?  I'm really looking for a good jerky 101 wiki.
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    I don't know about patting it into strips but they make a jerky cannon that is like an oversized caulk gun set up that extrudes it out in flat ribbons or round snack sticks.   You just season the meat put it in the tube and push it out onto your racks and dry it with or without smoke. When I bought mine it came with instructions and a sample seasoning pack.

    Here is a link to one at Bass Pro as a reference, obviously with some research you can find others.
  3. I make whole muscle strip jerky 99.9% of the time-beef, venison, elk, goose, duck and antelope. I've only made ground meat jerky one time because my dad wanted it. I use Hi Country Jerky Seasonings and follow the instructions for seasoning but not for smoking. I have an MES 40 that I smoke/dry all my jerky in and it is fantastic. 

    I don't have my notes handy but I think I adapted the times and temps to one on here (Bearcarver, maybe). If you want the instructions for mine, send me a PM.

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