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  1. Looking to get idea's for the beginner ( may have gotten the hang of ribs). Also looking for ideas to build a new smoker got a char griller that seems to kick my butt more than it actually cooks. Have been in 3 KCBS Comps highest has been in 11th in brisket, not on my own but more or less watching the fire in the zero dark thirty hours. here is a pic of the smoker my cousin built, I have read that reverse flow is much better, I do like his idea as you can run either side at different temps. Really dont want to drop 3 or 4 grand for a lang.

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    Welcome, glad ya joined us ! Sorry, I'am no help on the smoker but there are a plenty of folks on here that'll be happy to help ya ! Hang out a bit or ya could start a new thread about help with smoker !
  3. Hello and welcome, There are a lot of different builds on here, look through the Forums and threads, lots of pictures and step by step

    Gary S
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    Geez, there must have been like 12 guys in that brisket comp!

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