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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by tmitchell67, Nov 27, 2015.

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    Hi everyone I just joined from Chelsea, Alabama and I hope to find some advice.  I have been modestly successful smoking the old fashioned way but life has become so busy that I just don't have the time to do it any more.  My wife got me a Mastercraft electric smoker as an early Christmas gift (and, I suppose, a way to get me to cook dinner more often) hoping that would make things easier and save some time so that I would get back to doing this again.  I tried it last night for the first time, following video instructions from the manufacturer to the letter.  I put one rack of baby back ribs in there with applewood chips, and everything seemed great.  When everything was done, I had some of the most beautiful ribs I have ever seen, but they had no smokiness at all.

    After a dry pork rub, ribs went 2 hours open on the rack at 225F with chips smoking away, then 2 hours in foil at 225F.  They tasted great but as though the entire thing took place in the oven, barely even a hint of smoke.

    Any ideas where I could have gone wrong?  I am purist about things generally speaking and I wasn't very keen on the idea of an electric smoker, after all, no one ever said, "Where there's electricity, there's fire," but still, if I can get this thing to work as well as some people brag about, it is enough of a time-and-attention saver that I could see doing this again even with my demanding schedule.

    Thanks for any help I really do appreciate it.
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    Welcome to the board!  When I tasted Southern Q, I was surprised at how subtle the smoke flavor was.
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    Welcome from SC. I hope our friend Bear reads your post. I'm sure he will have a ton of ideas and help for you.

    Good luck with your new toy, Joe
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    Howdy T!

    Wives are sneaky that way... Buying us men a new piece of equipment so they won't have to cook! LOL 

    You didn't say how many times you loaded you chip tray with wood chips.  If it was only once then you may need to add wood more often.  Also remember that a new smoker won't product as much of a smokey taste.  It gets better as you use it.

    Finally...  most of us with electrics use an A-MAZE-N smoker trays with our units.  It's an inexpensive little unit that will smoke continuously without you loading your chip hopper all the time. 

    Hope that helps. 

  6. tmitchell67

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    Brian thanks for the input.  You're certainly right that the wife is trying to get me to cook more!

    I reloaded chips at the 50 minute mark, even though it was still smoking.  There was smoke coming out of it the entire 2 hours so I figured that meant that it was doing what it should do.  Maybe it isn't so simple?  Maybe close the top exhaust vent a little more?

    Good info on the "better with time" part.  I have not lost hope.  I will try again.

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