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    In a vertical smoker lik a GOSM use the stock thin metal wood box and if your using all hickery, take a round log that fits inside the box and cut it to just under your water pan, i cut mine 3 inch DIA to 4 1/2 tall. put some foil around the outside of the chunk of wood, (the foil will keep it from any flare ups, put your flame up high and get that chunk of wood to smoking good and put the meat in and get your cooking temp set just right and you wont have to open the door again but once to add water to the pan if your a stickler to that but no big deal but that wood chunk will last around 15 + hrs to turn into total ash.
    that time fram depends on the wood and type, lets use hickory in this case, BUGS love hickory, if left outside your stash of prime hickory logs, WILL BECOME LIKE SWISH CHEESE and if you blow on one end it will most likly sound like a flute and not a good one unless youve got some talented bugs but less holes more wood, longer smoke time.

    one other thing on this to the newer people, every time you open that door to take a peek at your gold cash in the vault there,
    you just added 10 to 15 min more to your cook time, were like any male at a nude beach, open the door and run back a mile to grab the digi cam to take a photo ad in the mean time the door was open all the time.

    dont feel bad on that tho, shame shame , ive went 30 miles round trip and left the smoker door open once, found the smoker empty, thinking GROG JR or T-REX got to it first, [​IMG] no really i did that, left her wide open and half a tank of Dino-gas waisted, no thats more like DINO-FARTS
    isnt it? nuff said im rambling on now.[​IMG]

    its his fault blame him[​IMG]first name thats not mine :)

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