Nitrate an Nitrite free bacon.

Discussion in 'Bacon' started by mballi3011, Feb 15, 2012.

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    Now I have to ask the best folks I know who might know the answer. I have friend really a friend that's wife like bacon but can't have nitrates or nitrites. How can I make them some good bacon that she can eat. Now I would think maybe a sugar cure maybe but I'm looking for some help.
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    I guessing you can concentrate the flavors by dry salt curing and sugar and then put a hot smoke on it or at least don't go with an extended cold smoke. Probably would be better to cold smoke in cold weather to try and delay spoilage.  Does she have a reaction to high nitrate levels?  It is pretty much impossible to avoid all nitrates.

    I am interested in seeing what Dan has to say about this.
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    Does she have reactions to greens like spinach or celery?
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    Side meat?  Not a bad product for those of us old enough to remember it?

    Maybe a bunch of celery concentrates and say it doesn't have any nitrites?  [​IMG]

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    I have done this a few times and the kids love it...JJ

    Spiced Bacon

    4lb Skinless Pork Belly

    1C Kosher Salt

    1/2C White Sugar

    Rub well and Bag for 2 days.

    Turn twice a day.

    Rinse and test fry. Soak 30-60 minutes to adjust saltiness.

     Dry thoroughly.

    Mix the Spices.

    1/2C Brown Sugar

    2T Paprika

    1T Cayenne Pepper

    1T Gran Garlic

    1T Gran Onion

    1tsp Gnd Allspice

    1tsp Gnd Black Pepper

    1tsp Gnd White Pepper

    Rub Belly well and Bag for 4 days.

    Turn twice a day.

    Remove from bag and scrape off excess Spices.

    Pat dry. Hang and Smoke at 180*F until IT of 145*F.

    Cool, Slice and refrigerate for up to 7 days...Freeze to keep longer.

     Fry, Bake or Broil to desired crispness.

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    Hey JJ, can this be done with BBB?  Intriguing to say the least!  Thanks for the post!
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    Sure...Just slice down to about 2" thick slabs...JJ

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