Nice unexpected gift from a friend

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  1. A buddy of mine did a quick trip for work from here to Memphis for the mid-week. He got back last night, texted me that he had something for me and wanted to know if I was home to deliver it.

    Sure thing - he shows up fresh off the plane and pulls these 4 out of his carryon bag.  In exchange, he gets at least 2 of them on a rack of ribs each, plus a rack on my own rub (Jeff's recipe)


    He doesnt really know much about rubs, but went to a few different places and asked them for "their best" - he was happy that it wasnt the most expensive ones in each instance.

    I tasted them - all a bit different and all GOOD!   Can't wait to try them out on different meats.

    Thanks for looking. If you have experience with any of these - let me know what they would work best on.

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    Nice score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. rdknb

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    now that is a nice friend

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