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  1. Hi all. Been stumbling around in here for a couple of weeks. Finally located some pics to post so here goes.
    been smokin bout 20 sum yrs. NOT!! thought i was. using a round brinkman with water pan. all I did was put 3 chickens over a pan of water over a pan holding 10 lbs. of charcole brikets. light and go to work. came home to fine chicken eating everytime.
    bought a brinkman offset horizontal bout 2 yrs ago. mostly used it as a grill. tried chicken, not much to write home about so juat used it as a grill. went to a friends house for smoked chicken and he had the same smoker as me. modified with a deflector (baffel). good food. modified my smoker same way and another friend told me to start with a butt.
    well, that was a yr & 1/2 ago. I just had to build my own smoker after that. have used it 6 times so far, every cook is a lesson if you are paying attention. ((I always have to do it twice)(goof up)).
    I watch cooking channel lots, especially when they are reviewing bbq joints. I saw a pit with probably 50 or 60 chunks of beef shoulder clods. (Ithink they are same as butt on pig). 15 to 24 lbs apiece.
    Well, I'm havin good luck with the briskets. (I've learned so much, can't wait to inplement new method on next cook). Today I bought a 12.5 lb beef chuck cross rib roast boneless. Haven't seen any thing bout a chuck roast in here, soooos heres askin?? experances?

    Now that I'v started. 63 yrs. young retired aircraft DFW area lookin to move east tx.
    The cooker came out of my head as it was built. material was scrap 1/4" X 4' x 12' hence 2' X 4' cooking surf. oven above fire box is 2' X 16" X 8" deep. cooks taters and corn in the shuck. vegs in foil.
    my son brought a feral hog to the 1 st firing. it got eaten, but it sure cooked fast. I've figuired a temp of 150 on 'my gages' is the range i need to smoke at. Going to add a oven ga. at cooking surface as sugested here alot. I bought 2 different mfg's expensive gages for this cooker. They ar almost same temp but at 225, my first briskets were done in 4.5 hrs. Ive worked them up to 8 hrs. and will try to slow it down 1 hr. each time till it gits right.

    Thanks for this forum. have and will get a kick out of it.
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    Glad you joined us, welcome to SMF !!!
    You bring quite a bit of experience and trial runs with you. Happen to have any pictures you can post of your home built smoker/oven?
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  4. got them pics
  5. mossymo

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    Not real computer savy my self, so some one else will have to guide you to the best method, but welcome and happy you are here..
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    Welcome to the site...........Glad you found us here...........
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    welcome to smf, glad you are here
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    Welcome TJ. I enjoyed reading your intro. Look forward to learning from you as well.

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