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    I am new to this, so maybe someone has made this observation.  Being from Oregon, we don't see a lot of knowledge up here.  And this is something that I just recently picked up, as I am not allowed in the kitchen, and needed a role so to speak.

    So I got a cheap Brinkmans vertical, read here to modify the charcoal pan, and my first set of ribs turned out amazing.  Had friends over, and now I am the designated BBQ'er.  Simply amazing and easy to follow.  So thanks everyone on all the good information.

    SO, my observations about the mustard.  I got the recipes (Jeffs) to make the rub and sauce, for the price might as well.  Yellow mustard is vinegar, water, mustard seeds, tumeric and paprika.  Now from what I read, the mustard helps to create a paste, but then its also said the mustard flavor smokes out, which is what I observed.  And most rubs have a bit of paprika in them.  So, then maybe the mustard flavor is not important, but the paste.

    So why not just add vinegar and water to your dry rub to create the paste?  I am thinking that the greater benefit of the mustard is actually the vinegar, its an acid and I think its helping the meat to absorb the rub.

    I did this on my last set of ribs, and it seemed to work a bit better.  And it just seemed like a more streamlined process.  Now maybe because I am new and do not have the same consistency in preparations, but it seemed the spices penetrated better as I could control the consistency of the paste.  I find that a little thinner than mustard + rub worked better.

    Now the sauce also, its suggesting to add some Tabasco.  Well that is just vinegar, cayenne and salt.  You are already adding cayenne and salt to the sauce, so really just some vinegar is missing!

    I am an engineer by profession, so I am always looking to just streamline things.  Just in my nature.  I may be completely wrong, but just thought I would throw it out there.

    First pork shoulder for some lunch pulled pork sandwiches tomorrow!
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  2. One thing I have learned from working with engineers over the past 7 years is that now matter how good a design, for some reason they always go back to the old design. At least, the ones I work with. That, and they always want to over complicate things thinking in some way, it's easier! All joking aside, you may be on to something. I've never really thought about it like that, but I'm still learning. I'm sure one of the more salty guys, or gals, will come a long soon enough and set us straight!

    Happy Smoking,

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    Welcome! You learned quickly that once you start Q-ing or smoking for friends or family you automatically become designated preparer of all things good and smoky. Looking forward to some Q-View.
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    [​IMG]    Glad to have you with us!
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    Thanks everyone!  Would never have learned so fast if it was not for this forum and the vast amount of information.  I travel a lot, 3 of 4 weeks out of country.  So this is a very good 'hobby' to have, yet still feel like I am helping out at home.  Gives all my family and friends something to look forward to.

    HAPPY 4th of July!


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