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  1. So I'm new to gas smoking, I got a nice smoking mountain gas smoker for christmas . I'm throwing a birthday party this Saturday. We are expecting 40 people. We bought 2 ( 16 LB pork shoulders) to smoke and pull. Am I correct in thinking these should cook at 225  - 250 degrees at 2 hours per LB. does this sound correct ?  Thanks
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    Welcome Gary...

    In my opinion.......

    You really need to get a probe type meat thermometer to determine the internal temperature for whatever doneness you are shooting for.  Are you wanting to slice the meat, or intend to pull it (as in pulled pork)?   I don't know anything about the Smoking mountain gas smoker - but think it is similar to my Masterbuilt Vertical........ no matter there is a bunch of difference in both styles of finished meats.  I think to pull the meat you need an internal temp of around 195 - 200 degrees....and to slice it (well done) probably around 150-155 degrees.  These are just estimates....and depends if you intend on wrapping the meat during the cooking process.  Will you be rubbing it with anything?  

    Also I assume that you are saying that each of those shoulders are 16 lbs each?  They may well finish differently depending where in the smoker you are placing them, meat texture, and of course what you end up with for actually steady smoker temperatures.  I assume that you may have read some of the folks on here... who have made mention that there are times when a big roast will sit at a certain temp for a couple of hours and not seem to get any "doner" while at other times the meat will cook right straight through to your desired finished temp.  Those are things that could easily happen to one of both shoulders.  I think giving yourself a couple of extra hours from the 'hope it's done' time will be needed....and when you pull them... most will wrap them, and put them in a cooler for a while for the juices to settle before trying to unwrap and pull.

    A thermometer will be a life saver !!!!

    Just my opinion...and I am sure there are a lot of folks here that will chime in and give you better information.

    Oooops missed the part about pulling the meat.... but even so.... I would make sure you know the internal temps of your meat...both of them if possible.    Also I assume that you have seasoned the smoker already.... since this is your 1st smoke and you have had it for a couple of months, just wanted to make sure this step was not overlooked.....
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  3. Thanks Buck1949  I do have a meat thermometer and an oven thermometer. I was just trying to get an estimate on how long I should give myself for cook time . Yes they are both almost 16 lbs. The party is at 7pm Saturday evening. I just couldn't imagine cooking these shoulders for 32 hours. ( 2 hours per LB ) 
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    My guess is that cooking will be 12 hours plus at least for pulled... Just a guess.

    Sounds like you may be up at Dark O'clock to get started !!!
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  5. It sounds like you have a long, but well worth while day a head of you..  I would expect at least 12 hrs of smoking but probably more. What I have done in the past to help it along is Smoke it until IT reaches 165° and then double wrap in foil and put in roasting pan in oven at 250° until IT reaches 200°. Let rest and you should be good to go.  

    Hope this helps!
  6. Thanks Everyone :) I can't wait to taste them
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    Don't be afraid to smoke them a day or two ahead of time and them warm them up on the day of.  I've done this a few times when I wasn't sure if I would make it the day of.  I've also had a few butts take 16 hours.  All its all about the temp and if you get a stubborn one that stalls a long time, just wait it out.
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    I think everyone is missing that this isn't a combined 16lbs, its 2 butts weighing 16lbs EACH.  No way you will get a butt weighing 16lbs done in 12 hours.

    You are going to be well over 12 hours.  I would guess well over 20 hours at the temps you mention.  I too recommend doing these a day or 2 ahead of time.  Pulled pork stores and reheats nicely.
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    Gary, those are good rough estimates.
    It would help to clarify exactly what we are dealing with here.   FTR, I've never seen or heard of a 16lb butt.   It's possible that it could be a twin pack of butts, or he actually has a whole shoulder (butt and picnic).

    Gary, can you post a pic of the meat or give some more detail about it ?
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    I was thinking the same thing Demo, that he might either have a cryopack with 2 butts in it, or he has a whole picnic.  That's one huge butt otherwise
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    That's also a lot of pulled pork for 40 people.
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    It's not far from what it should be.  32lbs raw yields about 16-18 lbs net.   Just under 1/2 pound per person. If he has a lot of people like me there, it might not even be enough  :)
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    Depends on what all is being served.  Most people will make a sandwich with about 3 or 4 ounces of meat on it.  I did that much last year for a graduation party with close to 100 attending.  Had left overs.
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    Just did a whole shoulder last weekend. 20lbs. I got 8.4lbs of pulled meat. 42% yield.
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    Yeah, that happens quite a bit.  But there's also times when you are having all day affairs where people keep going back and nibbling.   In the end, if he has 5 lbs of pp left over, I'd consider that a good thing.  [​IMG]   Better to have a little too much than not enough. 
  16. demosthenes9

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    Wow, that's a lot of loss.  I rarely do picnics so I've never checked what my yield was on them.  Have never lost that much on a butt.
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    I agree more is always better!  [​IMG]
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    IF you do have whole shoulders that are 16lbs each, the 2 hrs per pound is out the window.   That timing is for a boston butt where the weight of the butt reflects it's overall size (to include thickness).   In short, a 6lb Boston butt is smaller in length, width and thickness than a 10lb butt.   The thickness of the meat is what will determine it's cook time based on whatever chamber temp you are running, i.e. in a 250 degree chamber, a butt that is 4 inches thick will cook faster than a butt that is 6 inches thick.

    With a pork shoulder, the length increases with the addition of the picnic, but the overall thickness doesn't change.  With that in mind, I'd treat it like an 8lb butt and allow about 14-16 hours in total for the cook @ 225-250ish.

    If you want, there are a couple of things you can do to speed up the cook:   You can wrap it in foil at anywhere between 140 and 160 and leave it like that for the remainder of the cook.   Also, you can ramp up the temp if you so choose.   Some people smoke butts in the 275 - 325 range for the entire cook, or just while it's in the foil.

    A lot of this comes down to personal preference.  Some like to foil, others go without as the foil makes for a softer bark.   You could always foil then remove from the foil and put the shoulder back on the smoker to try and firm the bark back up.
  19. I will post pictures this afternoon when I get home from work
  20. SO they are Pork shoulder Boston Butt, I thought it was one large butt per package but looking closer, each has two Butt. Total of 4 Butt each about 8 lbs. So I'm guessing about 12-14 hours of smoke time at 220 - 250 Thoughts . Thanks


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