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  1. Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself. As my name says, I'm in the public safety business and usually get the chore of being the camp chef in hunting season and the grill master at work! I have a way with my meat (no pun intended 😂), and everyone knows it! Although I'm new here, I'm not new to the smoking concept. I've mastered in my own way some things and am very interested in learning some new tricks and ways! Looking forward to sharing and learning! As I type, I'm giving my try at a boneless pork loin prime roast. Giving her some TLC at 200-215 degrees of Apple, pecan and hickory mixed smoke with an applewood mustard rub and a good old miller lite in the steam pan with some apple cider vinegar and some water to dilute. Thinking I'll pull at 155ish unless anyone has any other suggestions!? Looking forward to this site, take care and happy smokin' all!
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    FireMedic47, welcome to SMF!  Glad you are here and bringing all those skills with you.  Your loin plan sounds solid.  You can actually pull the loin at 145F and be perfectly safe if it was store bought not farm bought, but folks need to feel comfortable seeing pink in pork at that temp. 

    Have fun!

  3. Ray,

    Thanks! It is store bought so I'm going to take your advice! We are medium rare folk here so pink isn't an issue! Having an issue with my IT thermometer, it's telling me lies! Just put on an hour ago and it reads 133 already...tried moving it twice's a smaller roast 3# but still at 200 right now, I know that isn't right...the woes of the day...still better than a day at work! May have to do a little daydrinkin to sort this out, but I'm on daddy daycare duty today! Thanks for the welcome! Decided to take the day reading posts, smokin pork and hangin with my 6month old daughter on my day off, life doesn't get much better! 60 degrees in the middle of December in southwest PA is unheard of BTW!!!
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    35-38F to 133F in an hour is pretty fast in a 200F chamber.  Do you have a regular meat thermometer in a drawer you can use as a backup check?  It is possible that little 3 lb roast could move that fast. 

    Enjoy the weather and the time with your mini-you.  One of her smiles is worth a thousand days of work!  
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  5. I do have a regular probe, going to use that shortly. As soon as I placed in the smoker and attached to the wireless base, it said 78F. Turned it off, back on, then it read 42 a few minutes later. Walked away for a bit and came back...still cold to touch and it reads in the 100s...time for a new probe I think...never had an issue before? I'll figure it out! And yes, her smile is worth it all!

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