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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by old oak smokers, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. New to the site. Thanks for all the welcomes in the roll call page. I have not had a large smoker in several years. Just got competitive (1st cook) and got to build one. I have read a lot on here and got some great tweaks to my plans. I am posting the build and hope to keep a running tab of the cost. I am only keeping track of the cost for material and hardware. I plan on a dual propane burner near the front and storage for wood splits and coolers, etc. I'll custom build the trailer to fit the smoker.

    Starting with the tank no cost at all just a short trip across town and two cups of coffee. $.00
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    Good score Oak. Wish I had me some skills, tools & time to build my own. Good luck & keep us in the loop.
  3. [​IMG]Got started today. Had the day off and decided to open her up. Took the end off and cut the threaded couplers off along with the ears and legs. Kinda layed out the doors. I'm doing two. I found some 3x3 weld on hinges and got 20 feet of 1 1/2 flat to lap the doors. Used five cutoff disc. Hinges $12.00 flat bar $8.40 disc five pack $5.99 total today $26.99. I'm keeping the cut off end of the tank for a fire pit. My fire box will fit the open end of the tank along with a small warmer.
  4. nice start...
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    Now this is gonna be a fun build to watch. So keep the Qview a flowing and wewill all enjoy this one too.[​IMG]
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    Looks like a great start keep the pics coming!!
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    I love such big projects, I see that you're prepared [​IMG]
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    Looking forward to this Old Oak. Going to ne interesting to see what you put into this one $$. I really wanted to try and build my own but been trying to score scrape for quite awhile and couldn't get enough. Plus my welding skills are marginal. Hope you make it to the gathering. One day I'm goiing to build one!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Been looking at axles for the trailer. Hit a snag can't decide how wide to build it. Thinking about 6x10 trying to make room for a large cooler, wood splits and two propane burners. which I want to put near the front behind the smoker. Looking for cheap weld on barrell hinges for the fire box door. I want to build it so it can carry and be very efficent for competition weekends. I am also thinging of a dry storage box of some sort. Just Ideas. [​IMG]
  10. Got the doors cut and the banding around them. Only took two 4 1/2 discs to cut them. Just gave them a good scoring and finished them off with a sawsall. Three discs $3.75 total $30.74
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    Looks as if it it is coming along well.
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    Looking good. Going to be a nice smoker...
  13. Got the metal sheared and put together. I went with 3/16 and will use 1x1/4 flat bar for warp bracing. It will save me a couple hundred pounds. I put a 2 inch drain in the back corner of the box for easy was out. The higher piece in the back will cover the end on the tank which I cut off. A double door warmer box will sit atop the firebox and it will also serve as it's back.

    Getting the hinges for the door tommorow. Total for the firebox Metal and shearing $271.00. Total so far 301.74
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    Looks great keep the pics coming
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    looks great! did you use paint stripper to strip the paint off the tank or did you use a sand blaster? i am wondering how effective a sand blaster will be.
  16. duck killer 1

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    also good idea on the firebox wash out[​IMG]
  17. I have not had it blasted yet. I think one the whole rig is set on the trailer I will take to a local shop and have it done all at once. That will give me a chance to spray it with a good paint. The paint on the tank is old and very thick. I have to build my pan and drain next. My brother in law has a friend who can brake bend 1/8 and im going to make the water pan one piece except fot the end.
  18. Nice work so far. What are the dimensions of the fire box and the warming box
  19. The fire box is 24x24x30 The warmer will be smaller 18x24x24. I am thinking about a small opening between the top of the FB into the warmer so I can add some smoke and more heat if needed. Got the door hinged and latched today. Still got a lot ot do......
  20. Been working and making some changes,  My 16 year old son has taken to the welding seriously and I have let him do the most of it.  He wants to build his own when we finish out of a 120 gallon to make some cash with. 

    I put 2 pieces of 6x6x3/8 angle in the firebox to hold the ash pan cenetered,  This will also serve as my stand to hold up the grate.  I got the drain in for the pan and the stack put on.

    I will be removing the door catches I made and replacing them with toggle latches.  I just didn't like them.

    I don't know about a damper for the stack yet.  I thought about a blast gate but the top of the stack will be to high on the trailer to reach.   

    I did not cut the doors low enough.  I will be redoing those and dropping them down about 5 more inches to the cooking grate level.  I also will remove the sliding door and will replace it with a 5 inch screw type on the door front and a 6 inch on the back side of the box so the air can get under the grate.    So far I have spent about $100 latley on the build for metal and MIG wire, so far I am at $400.

    Pics are on the next reply  Im learning this stuff
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