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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by jminrod, Feb 26, 2016.

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    I am looking for some insite if my timeline will work. I didn't want anything frozen and I didn't want to do pulled pork. For my first  smoking session I made Baby back ribs from info on this site as well as smoked salmon. Everyone loved it I thought both were a little salty. My girlfriend decided to pick up the food for this weeks smoking session and of course bought 2 frozen turkey breast and some huge chunk of pork so I guess I am stuck with smoking those.

    My question is I had her put the Frozen Bone in Turkey breasts in the fridge this morning, I didn't see them so I am not sure how much they way. Do you think they will thaw in time to smoke on Sunday. I also am not sure when I can start the brining? Can it be while frozen, or maybe half way through?

    I will check the rest of the recipes for the pork and I am assuming once the breast hit IT of 165 pull it but will try and read more on that. Just not sure this will be thawed in time unless the brine frozen will work. I work a lot of hours so smoking during the week is out but hopefully if it isnt thawed it could wait until next weekend but not sure what the brine would do as far as making it mushy sitting that long.

    My smoker is a 40" electric Landmann. I have been using the 6" amazin tube smoker for the smoke so far.
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    No reason you can't put a partially frozen turkey in brine, if anything it will help thaw it out.


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