Newbie Smokin’ in L.A. (Lower Alabama)

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by smoked g, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. A Southern “Hey” to all.

    New forum member here with a new electric MES 40 just waiting to be seasoned and put to use.  I’ve had a Brinkman prior to this and a few grills but nothing that I learned to use well for smoking.  I’m hoping to put that all behind me and start smoking more meats and even a few veggies.  My family likes what I can do on a grill so I thought it was natural to expand my capabilities and so hinted around that I wanted an electric smoker for Father’s Day.  Now, I just gotta get using it so I may be asking a lot of questions.

    I still have to place my order for one of the A-MAZING smoker accessories but I’m unsure of which one right now.  I want to be able to cold smoke for fish and such but also would like the possibility to add more smoke when doing a Boston Butt (if it needs it).  So not sure which to order and whether go dust or pellets…

    Smoked G
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    Welcome to SMF glad you joined us congrats on the new smoker. As for which Amazen smoker I'm not sure just call them and ask Todd he's a great guy and will not steer you wrong. Any questions just ask and someone will be more than happy to try to answer them
  3. Hello and welcome from East Texas, congrats on the new smoker. Looking forward to seeing pictures

    Gary S
  4. No pictures but thought I would report on how it went over the weekend.  Now this isn’t my first smoker and the last one was a mild disaster as far as results are concerned; but I had thought that my Wife and Sons had learned a little form the past experiences we had.

    My Sons put the new MES40 together this last week and we christened it Saturday by making a smoked mac-n-cheese and a pork butt yesterday.  The mac-n-cheese was a new recipe we tried and it turned out well and had a good smoke flavor to it.  I used Pecan chips (thought I had some Hickory chips but could not locate them…) but overall the cheese part was a little bland for our taste.  I think we will try this one out again but trade out some of the other cheeses used for more cheddar and add some bacon!  You can’t go wrong with bacon!

    The butt was a little more disappointing and I take the blame for it.  This was started after Church on Sunday so I was not there as I work in the Church office.  To get things going I left some instructions, but evidently not enough… The butt was placed fat side down in the smoker, no one rubbed it with anything and I didn’t say anything to anyone about injecting it.  I wasn’t going to inject it with anything but did indicate that it should have been rubbed with some apple-butt rub we bought.  Wifey thought this went on after it came out of the smoker…  So it was just a smoked butt, which with the Apple wood chips that I had pulled out for them to use was good but nowhere near where it should have been.  I could not start it smoking before Church as the wood has to be added every half-hour and we would not be there.  So, plans are to smoke another pork butt/shoulder as soon as I get my AMNS/AMNPS.  Than its; start the butt, go to Church and come home to some smoked BBQ!  Sundays will never be the same!

    Smoked G

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