Newbie Ques: How long does water last? WSM 22.5

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by allribsmatter, Oct 8, 2016.

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    Two hours into to my first long cook on my WSM 22.5.  Filled Water Pan full with 3 gallons of hot water.  How long should the water last??  Filling the water pan in the middle of the cook doesn't sound like something that is real easy to do....  Assuming water doesn't last, ok to just roll with dry pan to the end??

    I'm cooking a 8lb pork butt with the minion method.  Temperature hovering around 239F, would prefer it closer to 225F, but everything on bottom is shut down except for a sliver on 1 vent.  Top vent is wide open.

    Outside Temp: 80F


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    It will probably last 18-20 hours.

    But if you need to add water, a garden watering can without the sprayer on the end works really well.

    Just open the door & pour it in.

  3. I use a plastic beer pitcher to add water if needed.

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