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  1. I am new to smoking but have been cooking for years at home. Like to try new recipes and techniques. Purchased a Brinkman smoker with the firebox on the side, last year. Have been experimenting with it and am enjoying it very much. My other hobby is Amateur Radio and I have a Extra class license. I am currently smoking a 4 1/2 lb. brisket in which I had applied a dry rub yesterday, wrapped in Saran Wrap in the reefer overnite and took it out this A.M. for about an hour before placing it in the smoker. I am using charcoal and pecan chunks. According to one suggestion, I have been maintaining a temp of 240 according to the thermometer on the Brinkman for about 7 hours. The internal temp of the meat by two different thermometers only reads 163 degrees. It was also suggested that a time of approximately 2 hours per pound should be enough to get the internal temp to 180. Still seems to be stuck at 163. Are my cooking times off? Ambient temp is 80 degrees and have been basting with a warm mop. I put my hand over the coals in the firebox and could only keep my hand in for a count of 2. Plenty hot. Any suggestions?

    Tnx in advance. This forum is awesome.


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    perhaps two!!!
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    First off welcome to SMF you'll find lots of great info and recipes here. The two hours is a guess and it varies greatly. I'm smoking a brisket and it went on at 8:15 this morning and just hit 200 about 20 minutes ago. I suggest getting a couple digital thermometers and placing one at rack level so you actually know what temp your smoking at. The thermos on the smokers are usually off I also use a thermo placed into the meat. If it gets stuck at a certain temp that is a plateau and the connective tissue in the meat is breaking done an making the meat better for it but it can be frustrating just be patient and don't change temps it will start to rise again and usually goes much faster then
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    Welcome to SMF! The plateau can be the most frustrating aspect of smoking. Have patience, resist the temptation to raise the heat, and enjoy the journey.

    Take care, have fun, and do good!


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    Welcome Bob.
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    First of all, welcomer to the SMF. Looks like your jumping right into the thick of it. Be sure and calibrate/compare that Brinkman therm.
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    Welcome to SMF..and a MOST important rule... have an extra six on hand for these situations... :{)

    Enjoy your time and that dang fine brisket you have there!

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