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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by s2man, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. s2man

    s2man Newbie

    Hello world. The wife has been bugging me to get a BBQ (we both left ours behind in our divorces), and I said "I want a smoker". Just got a Silver Smoker last Friday. Did a bunch of sausages on father's day, and I'm doing a couple of chickens and corn tonight. I've been eating up the forums and (no pun intended) - reading recipies and mod's. I put some temporary baffles in, extended the flue down to the grate, and added a thermometer in the lid (why isn't that included?). I put an oven thermometer on the grate and compared temps, so I know where to keep the temp without opening the lid. When I saw all the mfg gook on the inside, I lit a big fire to burn it off. Burned off the paint too :) . Should'a read the instructions. Oh well, that's why they sell high-temp paint. It's seasoning with oil on this run. This looks like it will be an awesome hobby. I can't wait to try some fatties. I'll be seeing you around. Stew
  2. pineywoods

    pineywoods Smoking Guru Staff Member Administrator Group Lead SMF Premier Member

    Stew welcome to SMF you'll find lots of good info and recipes around here. Congrats on the new smoker. Don't forget to post some Qview of those fattys [​IMG]
  3. ajthepoolman

    ajthepoolman Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Welcome to SMF!
  4. waysideranch

    waysideranch Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Welcome Stew. Good smokes ahead.
  5. chrome

    chrome Smoke Blower

    Greetings from Olathe.
  6. dwayne

    dwayne Fire Starter

    Welcome aboard KC native my self a bit close to Liberty.
  7. smoke_chef

    smoke_chef Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Welcome to the site Stew. It sounds like you are off to a great start.
  8. bbqgoddess

    bbqgoddess Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    You are in the right church my friend!
    By next will be buying so much meat and different woods....Can't wait to see the Q-vue! Happy smokes!
  9. s2man

    s2man Newbie

    Mmmm. We rubbed the chickens with Salad Supreme and Lemon Pepper, per a smokin' friend at work. Golden cripsy on the outside, and I couldn't believe how juicy it was. I followed Jeff's recipe for the corn, using butter and cajun seasoning. Smokey goodness! I'm hooked. That maple tree sure isn't going into the stove this winter!
  10. flyin'illini

    flyin'illini Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Stew, Nice intro. As BBQGODDESS said you are in the right church, just pick up a hymnal and join in.
  11. erain

    erain Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    welcome to smf!!! share some smokes!!!
  12. krusher

    krusher Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    welcome, your on the right track, be sure to show the q-view
  13. crockadale

    crockadale Smoking Fanatic

    Welcome aboard Stew.
  14. seboke

    seboke Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Does the heart good to see a newb pop up that has already done his homework! Welcome to the SMF s2man! Yes, you are hooked!
  15. meowey

    meowey Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Welcome to SMF! Glad you are here!

    Take care, have fun, and do good!


  16. jseiber

    jseiber Fire Starter

    Welcome to the forum.
  17. bhille42

    bhille42 Meat Mopper

    Welcome from Tonganoxie!
  18. fireguy

    fireguy Smoking Fanatic

    welcome to the smf.. lots of great people here!!
  19. vince

    vince StickBurners SMF Premier Member

    Welcome to SMF!
  20. agmeyer

    agmeyer Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    [​IMG] Welcome Stew and family; Happy Smokes and great Fatties from Sedalia, MO. You'll like the fatties just to cheer up the cook and small troops if they are hanging around. After a few fatties, the young ones start checking in every so often to see if the Fattie is being "rested and getting ready for taste testing".

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