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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by greyfox612, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Hi, I'm Jerry from NW PA. I'm very inexperienced. Just started trying smoking meat in my gas grill for the time being. Have had some success, but I see there is a lot to learn. And from the videos I've watched on it seems everyone does it a bit differently. Anyways I look forward to learning from you guys and maybe eventually buying a real smoker. Thanks, Jerry
  2. Hello from a hot East Texas and welcome to the forum. Lots of great information and real good people here.   

    Gary S
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    Welcome to the forum Jerry.  Everyone has to start somewhere with smoking.  Basically everything I've learned about smoking has been from this site.  The search bar is full of answers and opinions.  I started smoking this past winter and I'm addicted to it.  Everyone has been so helpful here.  Just ask and you'll get tons of answers very quickly.  Smoke on!
  4. Welcome from San Diego!!!   You will learn a lot here. 

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    Welcome from Canada, Jerry


    You are lucky to have found this forum to start your smoking journey. When I first started smoking I only had limited success until I found this forum. There are great people who are generous with their experience and lots of ideas in the posts.

    I look forward to your posts and remember, we love pictures!

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    Welcome tour World . Hope you stay as a neighbor and join in the discussions. All questions are answered as soon as possible. A slight delay in your post will be had due to being new , once you've posted a bit , you'll show post quicker.

    Practice often and send Q-view of your Meals...

    I hope some day you will be sporting something like this  :

    Happy smoking and . . .
  7. Thanks everyone for the nice welcome. I look forward to learning a lot here. All I know now is what I've watched on youtube really, and some articles I've read online. I'm not quite sure what Qviews are yet. Pictures I presume. Would that be under the photos category?
  8. Holy crap! I was just looking through the photos. Making my mouth water!! [​IMG]
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    Welcome Grey, before finding this forum I knew nothing about smoking...but you sure do catch on fast with all the quality posts on the site.

    As far as pictures, pretty easy to figure out...anytime you are replying or creating a new thread, just look for the picture icon;

    Once you find that, you should be able to figure the rest out...easy peazy!

  10. Yep, I see it now. Thanks.
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    Hey Grey Welcome to SMF you may want to check out the link for, AMNPS ask Todd if the tube smoke generator, would be good in your gas grill. I have the pellet model and I have had to use it in my gas grill. It did the job but I think the tube could do better.

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    Welcome Jerry, from the evergreen state. like everyone said everything I know how to do right about smoking, I learned here.

  13. Thanks again guys. Tropics, I watched a guy on youtube use one of those to do cheese. Looked pretty cool. Also saw a guy use a big can, like tomato juice would come in. He cut out both ends and put a wire mesh over the bottom and a few pieces of charcoal in it and wood ships on top, to smoke cheese. Seem like it would be just as easy to drill holes around the bottom for air. I did buy a v-shaped steel tray from Amazon to put the chips in. It has a lid with holes in. Gonna try it this weekend. Also got a rib rack when I ordered it. So I'll probably try ribs this weekend.Here's what it looks like:

    This fit right down beside the one burner. I use the burner on the left side of the grill. Then set the meat over on the right side. I've been putting the chips in aluminum foil.
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  14. BTW, I'm open to suggestions on doing the ribs. I want to smoke them, then barbque them. Maybe this is the wrong forum to ask. If so just point me in the right direction please. Thanks, Jerry
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    Probably best if you create a new thread in the pork section (assuming you are going to smoke pork and not beef ribs), you can create a new thread from here;

    Be prepared to get a huge amount of different suggestions, this forum is great to teach you many different methods because so many people have different tastes and have chosen one or two methods that works best for them...IMHO one of the most fun things about smoking is that you can play around with so many types of cooking styles and recipes and this is the best forum for it!

    I smoked a few racks of spares and baby backs about a month ago...if you care to see, follow this link;

    Good luck! :)
  16. I'll check that link out on the ribs, That's one thing I want to try this weekend. Thanks.

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