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  1. My name is Kathy and I just got an MES 30" for Mother's Day. My hubby and I read a bunch of your posts over the last few days to see which one would be best for us and decided on this one. I know 40" is probably better, but this is as much as we can make space for, so it will be great.

    We got lucky and found the new MES version on sale at Bass Pro here in Canada... less than the old model!

    Its put together now and priming it, then its onto our first wings!

    We have our smoker on the deck, which is not covered. We're thinking we should build some sort of roof or enclosure around it to protect it from the rain in situations where that happens... any tips?
  2. Welcome to SMF Kathy!

  3. Welcome to the forum Kathy.

    Have a smoker out in the open too, so I’m no help. But, this is a good place to find the help we (just new myself) need. Good smoking with your MES 30".

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    Hello and [​IMG]to SMF - Lots of folks just use an easy up for bad weather 
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  6. Welcome....A cheap blue tarp secured with bungee chords will do the trick.................[​IMG]
  7. Welcome to the form , I am on the West Coast of Newfoundland . I also required a shelter as my back deck is not covered like the front one . I am 60% finished my shelter , but it is very elaborate .. I also have a MES 30 .. But I built the shelter for a 40" and being 6'2" ( and old ) my MES will be 38" off the deck .

    I will post some pics by next week .. Have three doors to hang and a roof to design, I said it was elaborate and a bit over the top .. I also want to be able to use it in January if I wish :)

    Think I have all the bugs covered ....

    Basically it is just a raised hutch , it holds the MES up off the deck , has it's back to the direction of the usual wind with a door on each side opening opposite to each other to direct air through the unit. The open area on the sides that the doors cover is filled with privacy lattice, ( control wind driven rain drops .. If not enough will cover with window screen also ) and by using sprung door hinges I can control the door opening to limit air volume in the winter .. May have to wrap the MES in a welding blanket if the wind is really blowing in January or February .. but we will have to wait and see. Front door will be large and will allow each and full access in the summer etc. I will be modifying the MES to a full AMNPS unit as the summer progresses and taking it's air supply to the left side, stripping out the chip burner and killing hot spots .. With luck someone will steal it and my paymaster will allow me to by a new 40" MES with the sliding drip tray and controls on the front .. Will put the MES 40 controls at about 78" , and they still have an upward slant , but I will deal with that then. :)

    Keep in mind that the MES is an insulated unit, but any grease fire ( there have been some grease fires referenced in threads on this form ) may not be contained within it's structure . So Consider all facts when designing any type of shelter like the one described above. I do not intend on having a grease fire but there are so many variables.

  8. Thanks Ross... sounds like its going to be a great shelter. Look forward to the pics! 

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