Newbie doing first smoke.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bobbyt, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. As I said I'm doing my first attempt at smoking meat. I've chosen a 8# pork shoulder to try in my new mes30. I've seasoned the smoker the way it said in the book so should be ready to go. This is the way I plan on doing it.

    Preheat smoker to 250 deg and put roast in around 10 am. Will try to put a light smoke on for the first hour with Apple wood. Trying to have it ready to an IT of about 150deg. At about 6pm so a 8hour smoke. Will add apple chips to smoke it more the last 3 hours.

    What do you guys see will be the problem with the way I'm doing this. As I say it's my first time so always open to suggestions. Thx.
  2. smokingrookie

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    Depends on what you are planning for a finished product. If you want pulled pork you will want a higher internal temp of 195-200 but it will be safe to eat at 150. At that temp it may not pull will probably have to slice some of it. Pork shoulders are pretty forgiving so you should be fine putting smoke to it the whole time if you want to.
  3. We weren't thinking of a pulled pork. Just a sliced one this time. Someone was saying that I shouldn't try smoking the whole time until I get used to it so that's why I thought 50% of the time. This is my wife's birthday dinner so don't want to wreck it to bad. Lol. Thx
  4. slipaway

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    Planning on any rub? If you are using minimal smoke with pork it may need some rub and/or mop to give it some bigger flavor.

    If you keep the pork all rolled up and take the temp in the very center you will probably have some sections at the edges that may look burned or will just fall off when you pick it up so be prepared for this. You will be able to get some slices when you get into the bulky part.

    Just a few thoughts from a porkster............
  5. smokingrookie

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    Yes smoking only part of the time might be a good plan until you decide how much smoke you like. Fruit woods are generally pretty mild. Hickory and mesquite are quite a bit stronger flavors just for future reference. Good luck.
  6. lamar

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    Do you have any way to check the cc temperature? Built in thermometers are famous for being off 30-50 or more degrees.

    Good luck on your first smoke. Hope it makes mama a happy birthday meal.

  7. I'm using a Tennessee Apple butter rub with a few sprinkles of la morrita hot Sause on it. Put the rub on about 16 hours ago. Wrapped it Saran Wrap and into the fridge for the night. Been sitting on the counter for about an hour. Will be using a temp probe in the centre. It will be rolled up with string as this is the way it came. Didn't think about unwrapping it.
  8. I'll be using the temp by using the thermometer that it came with but I do have one we use in the house oven.
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    I would smoke with the apple wood as well, it's a fam fav round here... Just don't add too many chips at once or they can catch fire... Apple is a light smoke & an 8# butt is a decent size hunk of meat. So you could pull it to finish in oven, but I'd just let it ride personally... But that's just my opinion, you do what you feel is best. With my MES, I have to pull the chip loader out 1/2 inch or so for good air flow but I use an AMNPS for smoke, something ya may wanna consider getting if ya get hooked on this addiction ! Open your vent at the top all the way, look for a thin bluish smoke.. That's the good smoke ! If ya see a white, heavier looking smoke you'll wanna adjust the chip loader for more airflow... The heavier white type of smoke can give your food a bitter, creosote type taste !

    Good luck, post pics & let us know if ya need any help or have any more questions !
  10. bbq jedi

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    I like to wrap mine in foil at 165 degrees with some apple juice and them leave it in til it hits 196.
  11. Seen this term but don't know what a amnps is.
    Another thing just thought of, do you wet the chips down a bit or put them in dry. The lady at cabelas mentioned to do a light soak on them. That way they don't burn as fast. Your thoughts.
  12. waterinholebrew

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    If you decide this hobby is for you, I'd highly suggest one... I get 6-8 hrs continuous smoke, no chips to continue to load !

    The owner Todd is a site sponsor & til the end of the year is offering free shipping & 20% off orders over $50 ! Code HOLIDAY2015

    As far as the chips, I personally did not soak the short time I used them !
  13. bbq jedi

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    When I had my MES 40 I didn't wet my chips. It didn't smoke as good. I put them in dry and added them every 30 mins. I never over smoked doing that.
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  14. lamar

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    The thing about wetting chips is that when you add them.......they have to dry out before they start smoking. A waste of time in my book.

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  15. after my first attempt. Cooked to an IT of 160. Think I'll try to get it to 170 next time. Just a little rare for us. But seasoned perfectly. Can't wait to try many other things.
    Thank everyone for your advise.

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