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  1. Hi my name is David, I used to use an offset smoker then went to a gas pellet, boy do I hate this, thinking of purchasing a rotisserie smoker, any suggestions? I live in South Dakota, we have limited months for BBQ, so we try to smoke as much as possible,we have no good BBQ here, glad to be here.
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    Hi David!


    to SMF!

    Glad to have you with us!

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    Welcome to the board! I'm running an offset. I'm surprised that there isn't much of a market for bbq in SD.

    Our family vacationed there in 1977. We pounded the 1975 Buick Regal across the state at 90 mph. You can't do that in Ohio. But that let us arrive at the Badlands just as the evening was beginning. We were shooting three cameras with slide film and I can put all of the slides in chronological order by the changing color of the light.

    We were in Rapid City. My sister and I took the Buick out at night for a cruise that included a lighter. We had one headlight burned out. I went up an  exit ramp and I could have sworn I saw two red squares ahead in the dark. In fact I did, it was a Black guy pushing a dead Chevrolet Vega uphill up the ramp. I pulled in behind and used the Buick to push the Vega to the top of the ramp. Bumpers were metal in those days.

    Edited to add, this is one of those Vegas, the square tail lights were ringed with reflectors.

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  5. We had a guy from Texas doing BBQ, but was in a bad location and closed shop. In South Dakota not much BBQ, most home cooks make BBQ better than where you can buy it. Need help with deciding which way to go with a smoker, offset or the rotisserie.

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