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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ab8e, May 11, 2014.

  1. ab8e

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    I am new to the forum....

    I don't own a smoker thus far...

    I am looking for one my wife can use while I'm away working...

    Needs to be easy to use, electric, and good quality. ( If there's such an animal ) lol

    I do plan to use and keep it outside in an enclosed porch

    About the size to hold a couple racks of ribs and at times a couple chickens ...

    What do you all think i should get ???

    Thanks in advance  [​IMG]  
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  2. mrsmoklestein

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    If you want something you can walk away from then you almost certainly want electric. There are several companies that make them. Brinkmann, Bradley, Masterbuilt, Smokin-Tex, Cookshack, Smokin-it.

    Masterbuilt is the most popular due to having the most retail coverage but not the best for the money in my humble opinion.

    I have the Smokin-it model 2 and I love it. Well insulated, holds temp in -20F!. Good construction. ALL STAINLESS. Great customer service. Best construction for the money. I can fit about four-6 pound chickens using the beer can method or up to eight- 3lb racks of baby backs if I cut them in half. Uses VERY little wood as well.  They make smaller and larger models as well.

    I would check out the model 1. Go directly to the website btw. They charge more on amazon for some reason.

  3. Yep, Mr Smokestein is right.  Electric is the best choice for what you inidcated.  I have a MES-40 and love it.  Have had a bit of problems, each of which I have been able to fix, but mine is 4 years old and has done a lot of smokin' so I can't gripe. Propane, wood and charcoal units wear out eventually also.

    I regularly put 40# of meat on mine at a time, usually chicken legs and thighs.  It has 4 racks each of which will hold a rack of ribs.  If I were cooking whole chickens I would probably use only two racks to hold 4 or possibly 6 chickens on beer can holders. If they were cut in halves I suspect it would hold 8 easily. Mine has a remote indicator that I can check from inside the house about 30' from the smoker to see the time remaining, the internal temp in the unit, and the temp in the meat.  I love mine and use it regularly.   
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    You won't go wrong with a Smokin-it, SmokinTex or Cookshack (listed in order of lower to higher cost).  They have forums which I encourage you to read (cookshack is under customer service). And ask questions.  Lots of questions. As for the Masterbuilt line and other big box store electric smokers, some folks have problems and some do not. Just do you homework and enjoy
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  6. ab8e

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    Thanks for the input....

    Still needing to know about the above model....

    I like how the wood chips are inserted and the timer with the remote..

    Is that a good price ??
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  7. I have a Smokin-It #2 as well and LOVE it.  Had a Master Built.......never again......not if it was the last smoker on Earth.  Do yourself a favor and spend a few xtra bucks and get a GOOD smoker. 

    Just my .02
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