Newb needs some help here!!! (smoking two different meats on a little Brinkman and charcoal question

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  1. So I am going to smoke this weekend; only my third time using this little Brinkman Smoke N' Grill.

    I want to do a chicken ('cause my last one came out phenomenal!) AND a beef tenderloin.

    For the chicken, I was going to do a dry rub and then mix some butter and cajun seasoning to inject under the skin.  Last time it was ridiculously good.

    Can I smoke both of these at the same time?  What temps to they have to come up to before they are done? (180 degrees for the chicken, right?)  Which meat should be on the top and the lower rack?  Any other suggestions?

    For my previous two attempts at smoking, I used that charcoal that looks like chunks of wood, with pieces of wood that had been soaked in water on top of that.  Would I be ok to switch up to kingsford type charcoal briquettes without lighter fluid?  It seemed like the wood chunk charcoal needed a lot of attention and when it started to die, the temp fell off fast and took longer to build back up.  Am I wrong in thinking that the charcoal briquettes will be easier to work with?

    And one last thing...

    When I started setting up for my second smoking (the chicken), I found spots of mold growing inside of my little smoker.  I was hesitant to scrub down the inside of the smoker and loose any of my seasoning.  So I set up the smoker, wiped at the mold with a papertowl and let the heat blast the inside for a little bit before I put my food on.  Is this an issue?  When I put it away, I just hit it with the hose and let it dry before I dropped the cover over it.

    Thanks guys!
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    Personally i wouldn't cook them both at the same time... i'd do the beef low and slow.   When you reach about 10 degrees from you desired IT pull it and sear it, then after i'd cook the bird much faster @ 325ish but that's just me.

    If your set on doing them at the same time then cook at maybe 250 but put the chicken on the bottom rack but you'll want to sear the chicken after to crisp it up.    

    Chickens IT for done is 165.
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    Oh...DON'T soak your wood chunks!   and DON'T use lighter fluid soaked charcoal or use lighter fluid at all!    Use a charcoal chimney to light your coals.
  4. Thanks for the reply.  Yeah, I use a charcoal chimney.  So I should be fine with charcoal briquettes?

    I have time to smoke both meats seperately I guess.  That would also allow me to use my themometer on both meats during the day.  What do you do when your done smoking a piece of meat?  Just stick it in the 'fridge and then pop it in the oven to re-warm it?

    What temps for the beef tenderloin?
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    Too bad you don't have two grills/smokers, it makes things so much easier especially when you're cooking meats that cook at different temps.  This is one reason i recommend that everyone should own a kettle can grill and smoke on them.

    How big is the chicken and how big is the tenderloin?    You can cook them at the same time it's just trickier. 

    To answer your question on the temp of the tenderloin it depends on how well done you like your beef.
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  6. Mid rare for the tenderloin!
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    Ok since you definitely don't want to screw up the beef just do it separate....chicken is easier to reheat so do it first.

    Chicken cook it hot...over 300 and cook to 165 IT.  Rest it, carve it.

    The beef, slow smoke it 225-250 until you reach no more than 130...maybe 125 (depending on how rare you want) and sear it over hot coals or hot gas it and slice it. 
  8. Sounds good.  Thanks for the help!

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