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    Hello folks..names chris. Just purchased a inexpensive smoker to see if i can get the hang of it and if the family enjoys the smoke. Will probably be asking alot of goofy simple questions so i apologize in advance. Any easy yet delicious recipes i should start with to get a start?
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    Welcome from SC, Chris. It's really good to have you here on this great site. I always suggest that a person start with chicken. It's easy, hard to screw up and inexpensive.

    I suggest you look on the search bar and enter "spatchcocked chicken". It's basically butterflied. I like to use Jeff's rub and sauce. The recipes are available here and are very user friendly. They can be tweaked to your personal taste, hotter or sweeter. The proceeds from the recipes goes to support and maintain the site.

    Mix some rub with butter and rub it under the skin. Then also on the outside. Try to cook the bird at 300*+ if you can. If you can't get your cooker that high, smoke wherever you can until you have an IT of 165* in the breast and 175* in the thigh. If you have smoked at a lower temp, finish your bird on a hot grill or in a 350* oven for a couple minutes to crisp up the skin. If your FB has a grate, you can just flip the bird over there for a couple of minutes.

    This all sounds complicated and is a lot to read and do. But, after a couple of birds, it is just habit.

    Good luck and good smokin'. Let us know how it turns out, Joe. :grilling_smilie:
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    Welcome to the group Chris!  I agree with the others about chicken, it's more forgiving with higher smoking temps.  Once you can keep your smoker at a steady 225-250 try some ribs!  Glad you joined us.

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    Thanks guys

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