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  1. Hi all, Dan Thompson from New Zealand and love my hunting fishing and of course smoking the spoils !!  we are blessed down here with easy access to some great spots for fishing and hunting.  My whole family is into the outdoors and thought i might post a few pics of things we get down this way?



    Grandsons;  Freshwater  trout & eel

    Smoked eel 

    Nephew Andy with a "Captain Cooker|"  Wild Boar 

    Random big boar

    Son Aaron with a nice stag - 

    Stalking grounds - 400 yard plus shots. Styer Mannlicher .270

    My Ute full of venison,  sausages,patties, 54  Salamis  and back steaks (250 Kg)

    A Nice snapper i got recently

    And a nice Kingi

    A beautiful fishing spot with my Panga waiting for action :)

    Cottontail rabbit - brined and smoked wrapped in bacon  from today - Thanks to the forum for the recipe !!


    Pheasant Ducks Turkeys

    Some of my Amish bread to help with the goodies 

    Well there you go, might be of interest to someone :)

    Doing some bacon and Gravalax at the moment so will post again later. Happy hunting and keep on smokin :)
  2. moikel

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    Interested me!
    Lot of hunters & fisherman on this forum with some top shelf cookery skills.
    That's a hell of a big boar in the back of that ute!
  3. Yeah its he is a beaut alright not sure of its origin and looking at it it may be using forced perspective to create the optical illusion that the animal was larger than its actual size.  I certainly do that with my fish to show off to my mates :)
  4. That's some awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing those pics.:bravo:
  5. Welcome Dan!

    Nice looking pics of your hunting and fishing adventures. Those boars are huge. I live in Minnesota and also feel very blessed to have thousands of lakes and wilderness at my disposal. I love to bow hunt deer, turkey, bear and gun hunt deer, ducks ruffed grouse and more. Glad you joined our group. You will find plenty of knowledgeable and kind people ready to lend a helping hand if you need it. I see a nice snapper in one of your pics. I love eating these fish, unfortunately we have to get them at the restaurant in this neck of the woods.....Again welcome aboard....[​IMG]....RTB....[​IMG]
  6. Hello and welcome from East Texas, That is some great pictures, along with lifetime memories, nothing like em  Glad you joined up, be waiting on your future post and pictures. Happy Easter

    Gary S
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    Smoked eel was one of the things that got me interested in smoking.
    Any chance you can walk us through the next batch.
    I put a shout out a while back for any Kiwis to showcase some of their great produce ,didn't get any takers.
  8. Thanks Gary - best wishes to you to :) 

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