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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by tolarius, Aug 17, 2012.

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    So for my birthday, my wife decided to bless me with a brand new 22.5 inch WSM.   I have been wanting this smoker for a long time, and glad to have it now. 

    I also have a Master Forge dual-door vertical propane smoker which has been my trusted smoker for two years, and has really put me on the map with my friends when it comes to cooking.

    I honestly debated to getting rid of the Master Forge because I keep having to reapply rope gasket on the doors to keep down the smoke loss.  However I think I am going to give this smoker one last chance, and really get it cleaned out, scrap whatever gasket I have and try to see if it will hold together one more time.   

    Anyway, back to the WSM, what are some common/suggested mods that you guys have done to your smokers?
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    Great birthday gift !!!! Thumbs Up
  3. The WSM is a great unit, that requires little if any modification.  However, if you want to actually take a drill to the side of your new toy, this mod is realtively easy if you want a nice and easy way to get your temp probes in the smoker.

    Or you could go a little more adventurous and try something like this...

    In addition to searching here, the virtualwebberbullet website has details on some common mods.  Adding garage door handles to the rack support rails seems to be a common mod to help lif the center section.

    The only mod I did was to add the temp proble hole.  Didn't like the wires hanging out of the chamber door.

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