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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by pink flamingo, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. Hi,
    Just a quick note. I'm a California native in Knights Landing new to using my smoker.
    My first smoke was a 90 lb stuffed pig back in May. Rented it out to a chef who smoked 140 lbs of brisket in June. Next weekend I'll do brisket here at home and would like to hear about your tips and tricks. This is a Feldons calculated smoker.
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    Howdy almost neighbor.  Welcome to SMF.  I've heard of some ambitious first smokes but a 90 lb pig pretty much tops the list!  I checked your posts and it looks like you are doing some solid reading on briskets.  Throw it on, leave it alone, probe for tenderness starting around 190F internal temp (200F is my usual target), rest, slice, and serve. 

    Have fun with that smoker! 
  3. Nice to know I've got a smokin neighbor across the river. Yep, I thought that pig was going to take a lot longer, but it was done in 9 hours. It was my 55 Birthday and about 50 people showed up threw out the day. Built the smoker inspired by a bet that I couldn't get it done in a year. That bet was made in May of 2014. I broke the bet when I changed from a much bigger tank. So, I had to buy the meat. A friend at work turned me on to the Feldon's calculator.
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    Welcome to the forum

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