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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by davet102, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. davet102

    davet102 Newbie

    Just wanted to let you know how my first smoking attempt went.

    I'm using a Brinkman smoker.

    Decided to try something simple the first time out.

    Went with the whole Chicken

    Brined it for 4 hrs in the AM.

    Put Jeff's Rub on it followed the instructions from his site.

    It was a 6-1/2lb chicken.

    Used Hickory Chunks

    Started it at 1pm was eating it at 5PM.

    It did not have a heavy detectable smoky taste. It may have been that I was working with it during the 4 hrs so I was sensitized to the smell/taste. Did not see a smoke ring penetration.

    The meat was juicy and very tender.

    The only problem that I had with this smoker was keeping the temp at the 250-275 degrees. There are no adjustable vents on it. The temp with the burner all the way down on low was ranging from 350-375 degrees.

    There were only 2 times that the wood "smoked out" and I missed keeping it stoked.

    It was not heavy smoke but I would say I had a medium smoke all day.

    Any thoughts on the temperature issue and how to better control it??

    I was also thinking next time to not use Jeffs rub and just do one "Naked" or with a little garlic and seasoning instead.

    What has everyone else done with whole chickens??


  2. adiochiro3

    adiochiro3 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    welcome to the SMF family!  You should head over to Roll Call so we can give you a proper welcome.

    First thing to check is your thermo accuracy.  Many of the factory thermos are WAY off calibration.  If you were really running that hot, the proteins on the outer edges of the meat sealed before much smoke flavor could get into the meat.

    There are some notes on modifications here on SMF that will make your rig more manageable. 

    I keep it simple with my chickens: salt, pepper butter, lemon, & smoke until 165* I.T.  I leave the body cavity holes open to let smoke circulate inside and out.
  3. davet102

    davet102 Newbie

    My Thermometer is the one that Jeff suggests. Electronic.

    I will look at any mods that I can do.


  4. davet102

    davet102 Newbie

    We did leave the body cavity open. We even put some of the Rub inside.

    I was using the Electronic Themostat to read the inside temp. I could get the temp to reduce by opening the "Burner door", But it looked like that let to much of the smoke out so I stopped doing that.

    Got any ideas as to modifications that I could make to it?? (or show me the posts)

  5. smokinal

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  6. davet102

    davet102 Newbie

    Had some leftovers for lunch today. It did have a smokey taste to it and Jeff's rub added to the flavors. It was much better than yesterday. I must have been sensitized to the smoke by working around it all day.

  7. davet102

    davet102 Newbie

    After looking at some of the Q-View photos, I think that my temperature issue was caused by me.

    I am using the digital thermometer that Jeff recomended.

    I saw right away that the thermometer on the door was going to be useless.

    When I was checking the smoker temp I was just putting the probe in the smoker and hanging it from ont of the grates.

    I saw a picture that had the probe pushed through a potato so the tip came out the other side then layed the potato on its side.

    Could this have been my problem with the temp readings going way up over 350 degrees with the burner on low??

    I will give it a test run when I get home tomorrow.

  8. meateater

    meateater Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    You can also spatchcock a chicken which is cutting through the rib cage and laying it flat ,skin side up. Chicken's don't normally get a smoke ring, instead the meat will have a pinkish color which make s a lot of  folks think it still raw, but if it's up to temp it's done. [​IMG]

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