New to Smoking, took the dive and got a WSM!

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by mistic107, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Hey all, long time gas griller here.. I always loved the taste of charcoal versus gas but was never that good on cooking coal, but in it's defense I never gave it much effort either. I was extremely close to buying a elec smoker, Smokin-it #1 to be exact, until I started looking at the WSM and the amazing product known as a Power Draft. How Have I never heard of these things before! Genius.. Of coarse the expense of a power draft + the cost of the smoker its self is to steep for me at this time but it's very comforting knowing they are out there for future purchase (maybe Christmas from the wife :). Plus I want to get to know the smoker as stock before I start modding it. I actually already had one of the chimney starters and also bought some of those Weber starting things that look like marshmallows to sit under the chimney. I can't wait to do my first smoke and taste the coal and wood!
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    Grats - the WSM is a great smoker, I wish I had started with one before wasting almost $250 on a Chargriller that I had to hevily modify to get it to sort of work. I switched to a 22.5" WSM and have never looked back!

    I heartilly agree with getting to know your smoke without the power draft first, then you can decide if you need/want one. I am to cheap and have never bought one, but in my honest opinion it is more of an optional item than a required.

    Once you get a few smokes under your belt you will be very plesantly suprised with how well it runs with very little input from you.

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