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  1. Hey everybody. I have a unmodded brinkmann gourmet smoker, other than a thermometer ive put in, and im having some difficulties. I smoked some leg quarters and they turned out great. I then got a little cocky and decided to go for a 8 lb pork butt. That didnt go well... I read about the minion method and that failed horribly. The fire got out of control and all my coals caught in what felt like a matter of minutes. Then later I tried just throwing half a chimney of coals in and keeping up with feeding it as needed, but the fire would die down and it would take too long to light the new coals. I tried lighting another chimney to get it going but at this point I had pretty much given up....

    Whats the deal? Is it just me or is this just what I have to expect from my ECB until I mod it? I really dont want to give up because as little experience I have smoking, im pretty addicted to the idea of doing it and want to get it right.

    I have ordered 3 WSM dampers and a fiberglass gasket kit, so will it become a lot better after ive modified it with those?
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    Modding it should help a lot. With a charcoal smoker you have to have good intake air control or you will never be able to hold the right temp.

    Just an FYI, The ECB group page doesn't seem to get much traffic so you will get better responses on some of the more popular pages.
  3. Unmodified ECB is tough to use. First time I used it I was so frustrated it went into the shed for two years. Couldn't keep the temp down past 350. I did the 321 on a rack of ribs and the were mush, fell off the bone and extremely strong smoke flavor.

    First mods I did was drill some holes in the pan and lift the charcoal pan. I also added a better thermometer. It worked better but temps were still high. So it sat for another year.

    Last year I went all out. Researched across a number of forums and decided to maximize the ECB and make some killer BBQ.

    First, bought some weber vents off Amazon and put two of them in the lid. Next I sealed the lid with a stove door seal. Final and best mod was the charcoal pan. I bought the lava pan for an electric ECB and used my raised charcoal pan. Mounted the legs on the side and voila, my ECB Minni WSM Wannabe. Maybe $40 in parts and couple of hours of my time. Makes some good BBQ and temps hold well at 250 [ATTACHMENT=1720]DSC00996.JPG (4,256k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT]
    [ATTACHMENT=1719]DSC00998.JPG (5,120k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=2076]image.jpg (88k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
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